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09-09-2010, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by specter22
Sooooo.....Fed only??? are u kidding???? Did Starfleet suddenly turn into a Mercenary organization? It makes no sense for this to be for the feds, it screams Klingon faction, in fact the nausicaans for example are mercenaries!!! They hired themselves out as Mercenaries to the Gorn in the war they had with the Klingons, i really think that cryptic are losing the plot now with this really bizare decision.
i believe the issue according to dstahl is a technical one. they are having some problems with the alien bo's if it was on duty for both factions it would be available for the bridge officers and that would cause the technical hiccup.

he did say they would look at ways to try and fix that, so i have hope that at some point Klingon and bridge officers will get them.

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