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Hi all.

I suppose suggestions about such should go in this forum.
Before I start to write my little idea, I would like to ask the fellow Klingons who are outraged about the KDF situation to use other threads to let their anger into. I do understand their disappointment but I don't think it's 'the way'. Keep your anger for battle.

In sort:
You have given the Federation a number of improvements to their ships and a lot of variety and options. They include cloaking devices, cannons and universal bridge slots. Starfleet is represented great in this game but the Klingon fleet is definitely not.

My suggestion:
Make all bridge officer stations universal on all tier 5 Klingon ships. This would not be overpowered and it would make the Klingon fleet to be represented as it should be. Those ships are all WARSHIPS and they are not meant to be engineering bays or exploration ships (at least not by design!). In an instant you would get 5 great ships instead of the current 2 (BoP and Cruiser) and I'm sure this fix would only take a day at max for a professional developer team. People would get loads of options and the balance would not be greatly effected.

Longer explanation:

Ok so, there are many suggestions on the forum about various parts of the Klingon experience in game. Some good, some not so good... however I don't find the main problem to be the lack of missions, customization or any of that sort. It's really the endgame ships, and that's the only thing I care about and I don't think I am alone.

We have 5 ships available to us endgame and since they represent 4 ship classes we could almost say we have decent variety. But here is the problem: Only 2 of those ships are truly used and that's the Bird of Prey and the Battle Cruiser. Some people will disagree when I say this but most knows it's true. Raptor is more or less a Bird of Prey without battle cloak, carriers have the wrong BO layout and little edge but this is the result of a design issue but could be fixed in an instant small hotfix.

While the game design of the Federation fleet is really innovative (in my opinion) as they have created this cruiser, escort, science vessel system. When Klingon ships got introduced they have been forced into the same system. I have to say this does not fit at all.

Klingons don't make ships to chart maps, and the biggest warship of the Empire is sharing similarities with a science vessel? Sorry but that is just wrong. It's not canon, it doesn't make sense and it makes the ship to be unwanted by everyone. Most science officers choose the Bird of Prey over it any day. You put the work in the ship and it's rotting there and no one is flying it. Also why can't we use a Battle Cruiser offensively, why force it to be a repair station... in all kind of lore it is one of the heaviest armed and most destructive ship there is.

Seriously, please consider this.

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