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09-10-2010, 06:45 AM
Hey! STFU people! You guys ***D I D*** ask for this several times "Why can't I choose to be a Merc or Pirate or something else, but I start out as a Starfleet Officer who, after hitting up the S31 missions which ended up being 8472 traps, which of course means no one in Starfleet is safe and you can no longer trust a single person, even your family could be a huge 8472 and you'd never know of it until you're dead or you try a phaser on stun or a hypo with something that'd knock out any Human, mutant or not..."???

This is the bloody f'n answer, if you think *THIS* is bad, try on those smack-tarded stupid 21st century 'formal wear' costumes already! Not only can we not wear robes on the lower part of our off-duty pants because I love two very specific robe combos since both my real self and my digital self are quite large despite being born with my mother's insane-elite-mode agility and flexibility, much less my sudden bursts of speed that no one ever expected when they started a battle with me over nothing other than I was larger than they were (meaning 'fat' to them at the time, one guy tried using his pocket knife on me, guy had multiple felonies and so on, gang leader back in high school, so I was told after the fact, I just dodged, went under some of the chair-desk combos, nearly twisted his arm off until he let it go, then I just picked him up one-handed and slammed him right into a wall through 2 different maple-oak bookcases, he passed out for about 5 hours or so the campus cops said, he gets expelled and gets tried as an adult for attempted murder and a few of his previous crimes that I don't care about, expelled from school, prison most likely, I get suspended for the day and the school administrators kept trying to pin awards to my shirt until I said enough was enough, I ain't no hero, I am never on anyone's side because no one ever wanted to be on mine, I have never run into any situation since then, all those years ago, that I could not deal with on my own, hence, mercenary of sorts)...

So if I want to run around and do my 'missions' (lol, if we can even call space elite a mission these days, even on Elite, the AI is bricked, they still try to fly directly at you and when that attempt fails, their buddies or themselves try to circle around you, stupid, stupid, and utterly stupid...I could look at your AI scripting, it is one of my past-times modding genuine flight simulators, and part of 6-axis, physics-obeying space flight is getting the AI to be as good as you can be, if not close to it or even better than you are, we have zero-g to consider, one thing I hated with Trek, especially the new films, they never behaved like zero-g, the reverse thruster ports on the somewhat-crippled Scimitar is the only thing I've seen that obeyed it, but ALL SHIPS have RCS thrusters that are MEANT to be used to perform maneuvers you could never do in the air, space is void, no drag, unless it's one bloody hell of an explosion or a spatial event that is insanely huge, you will never 'hear' it blow up or anything, I know it's all dramatic effects, but this game desperately requires 6-axis flight and zero-g physics with dorsal/ventral shielding arcs, I know, people will say this is too complex, but we well know that a good 85% to 90% of all STO players are older, so many of us are probably USED TO handling things that way from other games that do use six-axis even if the flight physics handle like a bloody aerospace design all the time where you can 'stall out' and all that type of crud...I'd do this free of charge, to get what I was expecting when I paid for this game, I still do trust this game, I don't trust Craptari or CBS, but Cryptic, I still trust them despite the Gal-X being the utter failure/fanserve item that sucks more than using an actual T4 Galaxy variant does

Using RCS thrusters right, or having the Attack Patterns tie in to that dynamic of STO's new six-axis/space physics flight would be ideal because then those attack patterns would end up meaning something, and MVAM and all that nice stuff would become a real possibility, we could down-shift the T4 Galaxy to have the saucer sep it was born with, the T5 retro could feature something way better than a brick pet that does nothing while you try to play escort instead of using aux to damps 2/3 with APA-3 to get the exact same effect with your ship intact and a full 1000 crew, trust me, with any cruiser T3 or above, stack one high-end Halon with only one biofunction console, and your ship will never go further than orange on crew no matter what hits you, I've hit brace-3 and aux to damps 2/3 right after hitting batteries to aux 1 and I've swallowed the best tricobalt torp/mine setups in the game without any damage or especially crew loss.

T5 Galaxy needs something new, maybe the Gal-X could be brought up to the full T5 functional standards and we fit her with the best gear we can farm/buy, and make our primary tactical officer LT. Commander so we can use her as the ultimate Tactical Cruiser, and remove the two-shot lance, on that Gal-X thing, please...It fired twice in the episode, but BOTH hits cored clear through a ship it's own size-class, which means that the first shot in STO is like a sniper or something 'painting' their target to correct movement changes and so on, and then the real blast goes off right on marked target so long as you're in the right arc, but STO should have a one-shot lance...I don't know if the Gal-X could be made our genuine T5 Galaxy ship or not? I would suggest moving the saucer sep back to T4 because it's a base-class design thing, no Galaxy ever needed retrofitting to use that, and it was only used in the most dire emergencies like in Generations or 1-2 cases in the TNG eps, in the Dominion War, they never used it because they never needed to, simple as that.

I think the idea of a universal LT or Ensign slot is a great T5 retrofit idea, because it won't really imbalance it compared to what the Klinks get, the Negh'Var is a spam-happy SOB that can basically solo PVP if it wishes to, I think one guy on the forums here has already written an entire guide dedicated to using Negh'Var to solo PVP or anything else, but I disagree with a few of his science BOFF ideas because tachyon beam isn't always as nice as spamming haz emitters when it comes to DOT spammers like Borg and 8472, I'm a lot more into PVE and hard-core RP than I will ever be into PVP, not that PVP is even a challenge since I figured out how to temporarily turn my cruiser into an escort for a little while, then use evasive-3 to get out of dodge if they pound me up too hard after aux to damps runs out...Naturally when people first saw this trick in PVP, they started calling everyone hacker for it because they literally thought it was full impulse while at full power and firing weapons, so I started running FRAPS on every PVP match I did because I love it when GM's get annoyed with idiots who call experienced players cheats and suspend them for like 2-3 days to cool off a bit

People REALLY get ticked when you turn and move faster than their escorts do, and you eat their tricobalt torpedo/mines with zero damage, stack Aux to Damps with 2-3 full-armor consoles and one flow regulator and an aux booster, and you have one nasty big ship that can fly without using full impulse from one end of a map to the other in seconds, heh...Now that we've got a ship that I just love which can transwarp to sector space blocks on the fly and we've now got other starbases to transwarp into thanks to diplomatic rewards, and we've got slipstream while in sector space, there is nowhere we can't get to quickly, there is nowhere we can't go on a PVP map to hide in for a while to get some orange crew back to normal while the enemy tries to chase us down which takes them a while...

Man, I love STO now, and yeah, T5 Excelsior=FTW. It may have a low crew threshold, but again, as long as crew does not fall below orange and you have alternatives to engineering team 2 spam, it's all FTW for Tac cruiser folk, I sometimes use FAW-3 or High Yield-3 for the big hits against single targets (phaser fire-spam combined with even HY-2 can really hurt bad, overload is weak, sure, it does appreciable damage but it kills overall weapons power, FAW does not do it and it knocks out mines and other crap from behind if someone things they are going to goat you, I can take out a Cube on Advanced solo in one frontal pass with this new T5 Excelsior now, of course, I did the same with my Avenger/Nomad Star Cruiser variant and my Majestic/Imperial BCruiser too, so it's a moot point...Once I use tricobalts I just strip out High Yield for something more useful like Pattern Beta 2/3 and shift FAW back to 2, then I can simply stack the DR Proc from spamming disruptor beam banks and arrays like made, stack it with fire on my mark and beta, and you cripple the enemy defense so badly they have no choice but to peel off if they aren't AI, otherwise, kiss your brick AI scripting goodbye...Plus you HAVE to love the death-blossom FAW that now does damage to ALL targets around you, I know people have attempted this with turrets and all, but FAW 2/3 is just plain FTW against multiple enemies or a single really ugly enemy now, overload isn't worth it any longer, sure, with a flow reg you can quickly be ready again within 2 seconds, but it only hits once before needing a recharge and it's not worth it compared to sustained high-damage fire against a single target much less getting gnats off your impulse manifolds...KDF must be crapping their armored pants that BOP spam no longer wins games at all, no more cloaking behind Fedballs and trying a surprise raid, not with tricobalt torps and mines and FAW madness before it, it's so much fun now...

Plus that sector transwarp helps nullify slipstream's constant use ALL the time, and when we need to dump inventory stashes to bank/exchange, just transwarp back to some starbase for a while, fly around said starbase to show off, then transwarp back to sector and use slipstream to get around as needed and do whatever you want, it's just too much fun now...I know, KDF is crying "HACKS!!!", but you're right: You are two-bit hacks, so come and get me

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