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my Klingon character has just been promoted to Commander by J'mpak and been given a new ship plaque to get a new ship from Bekk Strenn at the ship yard, so far so good. I had a look at the tier 3 ship database and decided to stick to the Bird-of-Prey, because the database says it has two science console slots and two tactical console slots. By the way, the BOP in the DB is called Norgh Bird-of-Prey. Now, back to Bekk Strenn I could not find the Norgh BOP. The only BOP I could get with the plaque was called QulDun BOP, the tier 2 BOP I already had. I decided to take it despite of the wrong name and voila it now showed up as Norgh BOP in the ship selection windows. Good, but not only does it have a wrong name in the ship store, it also has the wrong number of consoles. Instead of 2 science and 2 tactical as stated in the ship database the Norgh BOP has 2 engineering and 2 tactical consoles. WTF?! Please change that or Klingons will not be able to have scientific class ships.

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Lt. Commander
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09-12-2010, 09:53 PM
serious weaksauce bug here. database doesn't match the actual ship. i want 2 science consoles as stated.

fix this like now please.

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