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# 1 Ship Configuration
09-13-2010, 02:53 PM
I apologise firstly if this has been suggested before or if this should be placed elsewhere on the forums.

What about having a Console Configuration for your ship - for example:

Adv Escort has 3x Sci, 2x Eng and 4x Tac Console slots.

Now let's suppose I wanted to sacrifice one of my Tac slots for an extra Eng slot.

The limit being, you cannot have more console slots than your ship will take (which may or may not tie-in to BO stations), but you can alter it's console configuration.

However... if you're on a Sci ship then you MUST have at least 1 Sci console slot, on Cruiser you MUST have at least 1 Eng slot, on Escort you MUST have at least 1 Tac slot.

I'll admit that at lower tiers this wouldn't be much use, and it may not be any use at all - it's just an idea that came to me when I was looking at how I could improve my Defiant-R.



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