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# 1 Saucer separation
09-15-2010, 05:58 PM
The Federation has Saucer separation
Last i heard for the galaxy refit, the ability has a 10 minute cool down, and is only available to the refit version of the galaxy.
I would think it would be prudent to have this ability given to all galaxy class ships, no matter there level, and also have the timer reduced to 5 minutes.
I would also request that the saucer separation mode be added to the Prometheus class starship. Also known as multi vector assault mode. Ask that it too be a 5 minute cool down not 10 minutes.
I fully understand that this could be op in the case of the galaxy x sense it can have dual cannons, and cloak as is. If that would be the case then i would not add this ability to the galaxy x.
Just the thoughts of one player.

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