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I only wanted to ask if anybody on Holodeck have gained the Starbase 24 Accolade. I played the Fleet Action and the Interior Mission but doesnt get the Accolade. Do i have to do something special in the missions or is it mom bugged?

I am also a bit concerned that all NPCs in the Interior are constantly respawning. Is this intended or a bug too?
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08-02-2010, 11:52 AM
You get the Accolades for getting first place in the Fleet Action.

The Ground Mission isn't part of the mission.

FYI, I find the Accolade Trophy a bit underwhelming. It's a picture of SB24 and a broken access panel. Seems like the Scout Accolade would be more fitting for SB24.
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# 3 and with the LAG
09-14-2010, 12:37 PM
You cant get either.. its choking at the server support nuts and bolts Server Source friends

The interior has been unplayable for my toon Twice now a re-logging dint solve this.

I was solo at Normal Level and with a standard Away Team. Beaming in 3-4 sec delay making it impossible to turn and set for battle in a timely fashion.

Orders issued to Self or Team stacked up with horrid delay in execution Worst then Dial up Rainbow Six Beta Testing troubles. Hello Rainbow Six 1 Beta Tester.. That was along time ago in Dog years yo.

64K modem then Hi speed now Ping shows good to go to Cryptic but the back channels arcane third world back. This is not much better Live then it was for the most part with over saturated Beta Servers when Open Hit.

Check your Sever Load Logs and reach some epiphany? February Launch Its Sept..

Enough longitudinal Study time to learn Loads demands log in volume calls on server capacity. I know you have very good its BAckBone Brothers backbone. Take the hard data to the boss upstairs and educate them on what its gonna take to retain and grow user bases.

Gambare.. You can do it. .You know people like STO and you want more performance.. Stop suffering and get that Ferrari . .the Tiger surplus gears not cutting it.
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09-15-2010, 11:20 AM
Yet it works fine for my characters I've taken through SB24 & the interior. Go figure eh?

I was unaware there was an accolade for this fleet action.
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09-16-2010, 02:49 AM
All Fleet Actions give out Accolades for first place now, which some of them include display trophies.

So far, I'm only liking the Scout Mission trophy. The others are rather bad. (With the exception of the Klingon Bat'leth trophy).
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09-17-2010, 01:08 AM
If you beam down to the Starbase, your damage count is no longer tabulated. You will have to turn down the option to rescue the starbase staff. Be warrned that by passing on the starbase mini-mission, you may have to wait until the area resets to get the option back.

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