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# 1 Pelia Space: Almost Perfect
09-17-2010, 04:03 PM
I really have to hand it to the devs. I know there have been a few threads about this sector now at this point, but one is more of a suggestion for further improvements. I've only seen screenshots so far, so part of my suggestions might be off.

I'm not sure to what degree this represents how Sector space will look after all areas have been changed uniformly, but I'll offer what I hope the devs decide to do with it.

I love how much darker it all is. That really goes far to making it look like space. However, one small gripe is that the ship models are also dark. These ships generally carry enough lights on them that I think you'd be safe just raising the entire brightness level of the ship until it's almost back to the current standard. In the series, even in deep space you could easily make out every detail on the ship.

My second suggestion would be to do away with the grid entirely, as well as those... trade routes? I'm assuming that's what they are. If you can look down and see nothing but black with some stars, that would be very nice. Right now they're somewhat distracting, and would continue to be so even if they were made darker.

My third suggestion is to adjust the skybox that you've created in Pelia (and future sectors) to make the stars bright white, instead of that bluish color. About this I might be off, because the brightness on the screenshots I saw could have been different than what I would have chosen. If the stars are the brightest white possible, it'll really contrast well against the blackness of space.

Fourth, scale everything up, or scale the player's ships down and zoom everything in. Without increasing travel times, this will help space to seem much more vast if everything is 1/4th the size, but at the same distance. You could lower the draw distance as well and shrink the hitboxes so ships can be closer together.

Fifth, further alter the models used to represent solar-systems, asteroids and the like so that they appear closer to the real life versions of what they represent. Suns should be much brighter, and also have a faint color to them (yellow, red, blue). In a perfect world, I would ask that these systems be made in such a way that if you could turn off the labels and be far enough away, it would blend in with the stars on the skybox. Then, when you get closer that star would naturally get bigger from your perspective. I also think that the planets in these systems should be dropped, so that you're only seeing a bright, shiny sun. That'll help with the sense of scale.

Sixth and finally, I'm sure an effect can be conjured up that creates a sort of "dust" that blows past the player when he's moving. It won't be a perfect recreation of the effect used in the shows, but if a ship could really move so fast that the stars all visibly moved, you could cross the galaxy in minutes.

If every single one of these suggestions were met, I am of the opinion that that's the closest that current sector space can be to looking like Star Trek/the real thing, with all the scale and looks intact. As it stands, there's likely to be many opinions and decisions along the way both in favor and against my hopes.

If you reply to this, in addition to saying "I don't like this..." why not add why? Give a counter suggestion, or your reasoning why it shouldn't be changed at all. I don't intend to be on a soapbox or anything and I'm sure there are better ideas for improving sector space than what I've said here.
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# 2
09-17-2010, 05:21 PM
Seven: Use this sector as a staging point for the future undine factions invasions

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