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I came along at Open Beta:

*PvP and Fleet Actions are my only real enjoyment in this game.
*Ground combat is just horrible.
*I have completed one STF, and don't even try any more.
*The new Episodes are a FAIL for me; they started with ground combat
(I tried, but the Breen are 'bumped up a notch' so now ground combat is awkward and really hard - whereas it used to be awkward and tedious. So, after having my butt handed to me multiple times, I wandered off. I know I should use tactics/practice...blah. If it was fun I would).
*Fleets are superfluous
*Dailies are a pain - I skip any 'ground missions' so it takes even longer to get my quota
*The Marks/Emblems/Credits - multiple currency debacle is just tedium on tedium - thank goodness for Transwarp
*The skill tree doesn't make it easy to tell what skills are needed for skills further down the tree
*If I have to come to the forum to get a game answer - FAIL - Game info should be in the game - Learn it, love it, live it.

There are far more detailed and coherent reviews and dissections of this game; but I wanted to add my little bit.

BTW Cryptic; I am a die-hard Neverwinter Night's fan. I can assure you; you won't get a penny from me on your version of it.

I know that there are a lot of wonderful Developers and I really feel badly about the situation you're in; corporate life is a bear. The Dev's have worked hard to fix this game and have made great strides.

The deck chairs are awesome and nicely arranged...just a shame about that huge gash in the hull.

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