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First off,

I just want to say thanks for the kingon side mission "Keep your enemies closer" and "Second star to the right". great stuff!!!

ok i've had 2 ideas for a PvE mission:

how about a mission were you crash land on a planet (STF or solo) and you are stuck there till you get off, even if you quit the game and log back on your still there. alow us to get a backpack for extra items for inventory and perhaps a crafting aspect that only alowes you to craft on that planet or gather items only avalable on the planet.

it would be nice to beam onto a planet and decide to walk in one direction and explore what is out there, or even have a mount/vehical to assist you in exploring.

next: kIngon and fed team up for STFs what do you think?

well there is my 2 cents.

thanks for your time


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