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Many of you have probably heard of the "Lucky 7th" Fleet, or perhaps you have seen our ship's markings, but in any case, we seek to raise the Federation vs. Klingon conflict to a new level.

The "Lucky 7th" Fleet is one of the most organized, active, and oldest fleets in STO. We suppport our members with a wide variety of services, but we have yet to deliver one aspect of the game......A nemesis!

We seek to make contact with a Klingon fleet (a dedicated Klingon fleet would best) that is also well organized and active. The purpose of this contact is to wage war against each other. The "Lucky 7th" Fleet wants to have a challenging enemy, that we can frequently fight, in both small and large scale battles.

We will keep track of these battles, wins and losses alike, and then we can all head to Drozona Station and celebrate the glories of honorable combat.

* Seeking Klingon Fleet for purpose of PVP
* Recorded Battles (Stats, and Video)
* Challeneging and honorable combat
* RP and Social opportunities

Lets stop PVP queing our alt fleets, and up the challenge! Why settle for impromtu PVP battles, when we can have planned events?

If you Klingon Fleet is interested, please respond to this thread.

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