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# 1 mini episodes
09-20-2010, 08:12 PM
so i logged in for first time in a couple months to check the first episode of the mini series things.

cool f'ng breen ships and charectors, decent story line too. the planet looked cool with the craft flying by over head a few parked as well.

but the npcs walking around aimlessly when you are in combat on the surface looked like ****. some would walk in the middle of the fire fight those that didn't did some wierd tuck at the waist and walked a little faster.
could you get rid of the silly scared emote on npcs that is obviously from champions online. it looks rediculous when they get in that stupid position in this game.

ground combat still sucks, add a tps setting may make it better.

and for the love of god the only thing that was missing was voices. seriously
i almost felt like like i was watching a new star trek themed tv show staring my crew up until i was reading the dialogue boxes.

cryptic is in cali and your telling me you cant find any failed actors or actresses that would read a paragraph for a buck or two.

but it wasn't a complete let down, please fix the enviromental npcs give them all the movement abilities of the regular charectors and npcs just on a coward setting. loose the scared emote looked stupid. and please take some of the money you guys making from selling the classic ships at 15$ and hire a few actors.

see ya in a few more months

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