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# 1 Balance updates?
09-20-2010, 09:10 PM
From: This Engineering Report


In Testing
  • Breen Featured Series Episodes
  • Fixes for Breen Accolades
  • Featured Series 2 Episodes
  • New Reward Items for Featured Episodes
  • Nebula Class ship
  • New Patrol Missions
  • Space Combat Balance Updates
  • Additional performance fixes for Star Clusters
  • New Gorn and Nausicaan ships

I have to say, this had best not just be a round of nerfs. The problem in space combat stems from underlying flaws in the game design. Nerfing ships and powers while the game is in it's current state is like remodeling your kitchen while your house's foundation is being washed away.

You guys need to make sure you are sitting down and designing your butts off for the space game, not just taking some short sighted whacks at certain powers and ships.

EDIT: Yeah, I'm late to the engineering report. Sue me. :p
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# 2
09-21-2010, 12:06 AM
It will probably be a RSP nerf. If we're lucky, also a science buff. But I doubt that.
If we're even luckier, it might also give us a few tweaks in power ranks, and maybe even something new?

I don't think they will rework the systematic flaws some people recognized before. (I think Rothang is calling it the infinite damage vs infinite healing problem.) Maybe they don't even need that to improve gameplay and balance, though it would probably lead to better results in the long-term if they did.
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# 3
09-21-2010, 04:42 AM
What the balance issues though? I have to admit I don't find any particular faction or ship type to have any huge advantages (though i heard the exclessior thing was a problem, but that should be an easy thing to scale back).

I did find that T1 to 3 Feds did better in PvP and from 4 onwards Klingys did better so maybe there are issues but I couldnt put a finger on anything. The only thing I have found annoying is the cloaking / breaking combat abilities.
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# 4
09-21-2010, 05:07 AM
Honestly, as a whole no class of ship/officer has any sort of advantage. I was a tactical officer flying both a Science ship, and a Cruiser and kept up with the others who fly their own class. "Sci in Sci ships, Engi in Cruiser" I flew both my Galaxy T4 and my Recon Science vessel in PvP and did pretty good. Was near the top in multiple occasions. Now if you put an Engineer in any ship, he will be amazing due to his natural captain abilities. Science officers are pushing it on other ships but with Sub Nuc, it makes it more viable. However Tactical only have their DPS abilities and that doesn't help much in a ship that's tanking or healing.

If anything, escorts do have a slight disadvantage in skills but as a whole are on par with the others. I don't know why people are saying that Science needs a buff, they are just fine. Me and 2 buddies have all flown science ships and they have been devastating. Same with cruisers. Though with cruisers it's even more so as we didn't run any RSP's. As a whole, I am hoping they are talking about cooldowns and such on some abilities and rethinking a few things as a whole.

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# 5 Fixes for Breen Accolades
09-21-2010, 05:20 AM
Would like to see them soon

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