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09-21-2010, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by Wordun
Again, it doesn't matter what it really indicates, in sales, dipping prices below 10 bucks (or less then 50% its standard cost) and slapping a huge SALE sign on something almost always sends a message to consumers. That message is "discontinued", "unpopular", "not selling", and of course "junk". So you and I can "think" what we want, but as I said originally this is just plain negative publicity and I know there are plenty who just see this as a bad sign for the future of STO (shame since most of them costumers).
It's just not true. You may think it is but it's not. All games get reduced in price. It happens in Steam every single day. It doesn't mean it's not popular or junk, it just means it's not new anymore. You guys need to stop taking every little thing and twisting it around to spell DOOOOOMMM.

Considering the game has a FREE trial... I mean, by your logic that should get your panties in a bunch and be the final nail in the coffin, right? OMG... they're letting people play the game for free! OMG the game is dying! OMG Next month it'll be F2P for sure!!! OMG the horror!!!

Anyone who is even remotely interested in playing the game will start with the free trial. If they like the game and want to actually buy it then they are much more likely to buy a copy at $10 than $20. This is just common sense. People seeking out the game after playing the trial aren't going to be like "Oooo, this game is on sale. Must not be doing very well." They're gonna be like "Oooo, I like this game and niiiice, it's on sale, I better grab it now before the price goes back up".

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