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I am at a loss on this one, I will do my best to explane.
Firstly I am not a newb to the game, I have been playing right from Beta.

I have the most up to date drivers (ATI Radion 4800 HD series card)
Yesterday I deleted the game and re-installed.

Starting Monday night when I got home from work I booted up the computer signed into the updater and engauge. At this point everything is going normally. I had already downloaded the patch and I played a LOT over the weekend flawlessly with no issues. Comeing to the loading screen before the character selection screen and *Bloop* Off goes the power, screen goes black and computer screen pops up the "Power Save" mode, my computer lights are on and my fans kick into high.
I reboot my computer and check temps and everything is still very cool and not anywhere near overheating. I try and load three more times with the same result on Monday night.
I downloaded the newest drivers for my card and install, two more times same result.
I then try and boot up Starcraft 2, Crysis, LfD2 and battlefield bad company 2. All those games boot up and function normally (running highest/near highest settings)
I try booting it up once more, but this time during the loading screens I window it down to my bar and do other things while it loads, to my supprise it works, I get in but I am faced with Massive Lag, like minimum 2 seconds, big elastic banding. I can't play like this.

At that point I gave up on Monday night after submitting a ticket

Tuesday, I get home from work and decide to just screw it all, Delete the game and complete re-install. Just figuring I must have a corrupt file or something. After 3 hours I give it a shot.
Hey I am in, flawlessly. Game worked played a little bit last night. But after getting home from work, and re-installing I had to head to bed.

Come home from work today boot it up and get to the loading screen *bloop* screen goes black, Power Save mode again. WTF.
I try my windowed mode log in and it doesn't work this time.
I see I have a reply to my ticket but the ticket server/function is down right now. Even though I just assume it is the normal automated responce.

Anyone? Can Anyone help me here I am at a loss for what to do next. I simply can't play.

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