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09-22-2010, 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by Saii View Post
Mid-term requests

* Contact Jeremy Soule to have music that change the experience entirely

* Give meaning to the title Ambassador. At the moment it is a big disappointment to become Ambassador after a long and mindless grind. An Ambassador should end conflicts, give them skills, special missions or abilities that can help in a group... anything but just the title.

Long-term requests

* Make it possible to have interaction with your BO's at your starship. Make them follow, repair stuff, take them out on a date (drink) at the bar on your ship.. in stead of just sitting there.
* Player housing (and not just the inner ship)
* Fleet housing (very important!), so a fleet can have meetings

Generally i would like to add that the focus should be more on intellectual challenges and moral decisions then on shooting and killing. After all this is a MMO about Star Trek, not a John Wayne pew pew movie.
All of the above

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