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09-25-2010, 03:07 AM
1)What kind of challenge can you offer the players at end game now that you are talking about moving away from special task force missions? *News Flash* Weekly missions and fleet actions don't provide that same challenge whatsoever and from the sounds of it neither will the UGC.

2)Why do the photonic bridge officers given as rewards for recruiters look nothing like the photonic bridge officer in the tutorial? Will we ever actually have a true photonic or holographic officer? currently they are just klingon and human skins with the title photonic bridge officer. Seems kind of a lazy thing to do considering its a "reward" for promoting your game and getting someone to not only buy but subscribe.

3)Why can I not gift c-store points to someone else or pruchase a cryptic point card? STO 60 day time cards are great rewards for fleet members who win fleet contests, but provide nothing to someone with a lifetime subscription already.

4)What happened to the different content that was supposed to go with diplomatic stuff? The anthropology missions disappeared altogether.

5)Why is it that whenever there is an ask cryptic that folks only answer cherry picked questions that have been answered already in other interviews or forum posts or otherwise just give vague "soon" and "i'd like to see this" answers? The good tough questions always get skipped over or are never truly answered.

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