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Recently returned to STO and was pleasantly surprised at the changes made so far.
I love the interior ship addition and bridge packs however, I find them to be just eye candy atm. Here's my suggestions to making them useful:

1. Anytime I 'visit the bridge' I should be teleporting to the teleporter room, not the bridge directly. Also there should be a person at the teleporter controls since my crew is beaming off and on the pads. Who's controlling the teleporter? Just looks wrong in my opinion.
2. Place a cook in the crew lounge that sells food items. There's a kitchten/bar area there even with a steaming pot on a cook...weird.
3. Place a medical personel in the infirmary who sells stimpacks, or can heal you or your BO's for a fee like on Earth Dock.
4. Place a Engineer in the Engine room or the Engineer Lab who can heal your ship as they do on Earth Dock. Could also sell shield boosts and the energy things you get from the replicator attached to your inventory. Could also sell all the parts needed for 'Aid Planet' missions.
5. Place a computer terminal in the ready room off the bridge to access your contacts to obtain missions.

These are just my suggestions that I feel wouldn't take alot of resources or manpower, that would give some functionality to the existing ship interior, and give me more than one reason to repeatedly return to it.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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09-26-2010, 10:09 AM
They eventually plan to do stuff with them, but they released them, like the bridge, to shut up all the 'we want to walk in our ship and have people on our bridge' posting. So for now, walk in your ship and sit on your bridge, until we get some stuff to do there.

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