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# 81 Racing! A New PvP Game!
09-26-2010, 12:10 PM
Dear Daniel Stahl,

Please can you make the idea for "PvP Racing" (please click for more info) in STO a reality and if you can, what priority would you give the idea, and approximately how long do you think the idea would take to implement?

The idea was inspired by the Voyager episode called "Drive", thank you for your time, I hope you, the team and the players like the idea.
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# 82
09-26-2010, 06:00 PM
Oh, and because I forgot....

Can we expect to see cross faction missions so possibly a Klingon captains could join Fed captains to accomplish missions and STFs?

Also, can we expect to see a mission in space where all the group members fill a bridge station instead of separate ships?
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# 83
09-26-2010, 06:22 PM
I would like to ask Cryptic some UGC questions:
  1. Should CO subscribers expect a UGC tool-set as well?

  2. How will the UGC handle story-arcs that attempt to offer different gameplay paths to the two different factions in STO?

  3. What is your vision for UGC story-arc storage? Should we expect a solution similar to what Paragon Studio did with their Mission Architect and would it in some way involve Cryptic Points perhaps?
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# 84
09-26-2010, 06:23 PM
When can we expect to see the free aiming ground combat that Stahl mentioned in the recent State-of-the-Game report? Season 3? Please?

Also, what about the Sector Space changes? What's the ETA on that?
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# 85
09-26-2010, 06:57 PM
When the First Officer system is released, and they can be playable character, can you change the first officer from one bridge officer to another?
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# 86
09-26-2010, 08:04 PM
With the addition of new races in the future; Android, Hologram, etc. will there be a way to change the race of one of our established captains? Whether it be C-Store or not it does not matter to me. Also when these new races hit the game will they just be a choice for us to play as a captain or will there be bridge officers of those races as well?

My original character concept was to play an android and I would really like to use the character I have already established in the universe without having to restart another character from the ground up again.
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# 87
09-26-2010, 08:41 PM
Dear Cryptic,
This is a serious question and I'm at a loss of where else I can post this. What is the story with the lack of personal in game GM presence? I have sent in 3 separate tickets concerning character or mission related issues and the only response I have received is the standard computer generated one. Does Cryptic employ GMs? Do they exist and are they capable of responding to and helping to fix issues? Just for the record...the 3 tickets have been sent in over a period of two weeks...all for the same character and concerning two specific missions......
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# 88
09-26-2010, 08:41 PM
Will the auction feature at DS9 be activated?
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# 89
09-26-2010, 08:49 PM
  • When will we be able to change the titles the NPC/Boffs address us as during dialogue so that we can choose to have them call us 'Captain' instead of 'Rear Admiral, Lower Half'? This issue was supposed to be on the list of things to be done, but it never appeared on the Engineering Reports.
  • When are collisions going to be properly implemented into the game? Ship destruction bears little consequence and on the ground our characters can take falling damage, so the reason 'it wasn't as fun as we thought' doesn't seem to hold up (after all, you left falling damage in on ground combat.
  • The new hair tech and the sitting in chair tech. What happened to them? How far along have you actually gone on working on them?
  • It was hinted that the somewhat maligned Earth Spacedock we have presently in game could be replaced by a model looking more like an appropriate successor of the Spacedock in the Star Trek III movie. Are you really planning to implement that? Soon?
  • Why did you have to get rid of Akira Sulu by shoving him in the Khitomer Accord STF (whom few play) and replaced him with that background-less nobody Commander Winter that we have little reason to care or be fond of? Can't we just scrap that STF and get Sulu back?
  • Do you ever plan to introduce past ship concepts done by artists like Ryan Dening and John Eaves during the Perpetual-era? It's public knowledge that the company owns the art assets, but no matter how many people express their interest in seeing those concepts be used (and ideally playable), we never get Dev feedback in any of those threads. Could you finally speak up on this issue?
  • Ship pitch angles. It was said they would be improved to mitigate the corkscrewing neccessary to reach certain location above or below our ships. Are you still working on this? This issue cropped up months ago and I've a hard time understanding what could be so hard in tweaking the engine to allow a greater angle to climb or descend.
  • Will it be possible to have our own Mark IV Emergency Medical Hologram, like the one we see in the Vega tutorial voiced by Quinto?
  • The Science class ship subforum, which I regularly frequent, have been extensively fleshing out how they perceive that ship category to be presently flawed. However, because they never receive Dev feedback on this thread - some very intelligently fleshed out - they're growing cynical that those issues they see will ever get attention. Why don't Devs pitch in and debate the why things are the way they designed it? Why don't they interact more there if one company goal is transparency? Are the issues outlined ever going to be attended?
  • It's been a long time since a new bridge release, and I've really been looking forward to seeing one for the Reconnaissance Science Vessel. Will you ever make more?
  • When are the Season 2.1 ship fixes being released? Thus far, it sounds like you might skip all the decimals altogether and just leap to Season 3, with none of the ship fixes that are in the work being trickle-released at each thursday update patch.
  • There was a mention that the staff acknowledged that bridge officer powers were limited around ensign-tier, especially tactical (an issue that namely touches Assault Cruisers and Reconnaissance Science Vessels) and that new powers would liekly be created. How far along are you into that?
  • The release of the Excelsior caused an uproar in the community because it offered a combination of bridge officer powers that made the Assault Cruisers (such as the Sovereign-class) pale by comparison - with the Reconnaissance Science Vessel, due to its similar tactical stations to the Assault Cruiser, also affected. Devs expressed that with the inception of the Excelsior, the way ship were designed (along with thier available stations) were being re-evaluated. What does this exactly mean and how far along are you on working on that?
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# 90
09-27-2010, 03:11 AM
Why are Mk XI Ship-Weapons for Emblems Bind on Pickup except Anti-Proton and Projectiles?

Can we have some more Mailboxes?

Will Fed. T5 Ships with BO-Slots like on the C-Store Excelsior only be available through C-Store or will the old ships be revamped?

Will we ever see working "Phaser Strips" on our Ships?

If not, can we have an option to not display those UGLY weapon-hardpoints?

Will there be an option to train BO's by other players *without* trading them?

Why cant we trade Latinum?

Why cant we mail Energy Credits?

What about the Diplomatic Xp we get after becomming Ambassador? Will there be some use for it?

Will we ever be able to travel seemless between Sectors *without* passport control at every sectorborder?

Will our BO's ever heal other Captains that are grouped with me on ground missions?

Why can i buff othes with Diplomatic Immunity but not myself?

When will playable Liberated Borg be available through C-Store?
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