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09-28-2010, 12:10 AM
Well bud Iit seems we just aint gonna agree on this. Maybe I am in a minority here, and I am willing to accept that.

I completely disagree about faction neutral content being a bandaid and I completely disagree that WoW doesn't use it. For my sins I am a reformed WoW player and so far as I knew the game there was a lot of wandering about colelcting spider legs from spiders with considerably less than 8 legs it seems. I presume is what you define as 'faction specific content'. This was the the filler toget you on o the important stuff. The mind numbing grind of repeating the same end game content for a year, and the oppotunity to collect zombie juices or similar to improve your standing with the mojo men. It wasn't faction specific and it wasn't interesting either. Better still several months after you had become thoroughly bored to tears with this conten Blizzard gives you the opportunity to pay an extra wodge of cash for an expansion which is essentially the same except the monsters are now yellow instead of red and you need yellow instead of red equipment to fight them.

No, WoW didn;t get it right because of their content delivery. They got it right for a few very simple reasons. At least to my mind.

1: You can play it on a claculator/ZX81 or Vic20
2: It is very easy to understand at the beginnning and very easy to succeed initially
3: It has had great marketing and everyone knows a friend who plays

Good luck with Star Wars, my experience of the last attempt was hardly laudible. WHo knows, maybe the world has learned and the released a game will be finished and moreover, wont get irretreiveably boned completely by the devs.

Why did I buy STO? Well two reasons. I am a massive trekkie and on some level I just love to feel I am part of it. Secondly, I am a huge fan of City of Heroes. I don;t actually like supers games overly much but I saw in that engine somerthing different to other MMOs, and I knew the company had an excellent track record of delivering new content in the direction the player base wanted.

I believe in the future of this game, if for know other reason than I just want it to be good so very much. Like so many I waited for this game for a very long time.

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