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# 1 Help for new Contend!
09-28-2010, 10:27 AM
The great thing about MOORPG is that this games have to grow.

STO is a good Game but there is a lot of potential to improve the game. Special in terms of content there is much to do. The Weekly episodes are a good start.

An other good thing about MOORPG is that every one of us in the community has the chance to help the Dev-Team to improve the game. I my opinion this is a great thing for the development of a product. There is no need for expensive market researches. They only have to read the game forums. Feedback can be a very valuable thing for the development of one Product.

To all the hardcore Fans out there. Te sole intention of this Post is to help the Dev-Team and not to complain about the lack of contend. I don't want to hear that the game is to new in corporation to other MOORPG. What I would like to see is that every Fan out there contribute to improve the game.

Now to the core of my Propose.

I think that every one of us could post ideas about possible Missions ore episodes.
Please ride only our Idea. Don't tell the complied Story. I would like to play the possible future missions without knowing what happened next.

I make the Start.

The USS Hera commanded by Captain Silva La Forge gone lost in 2370. Now the ship have been found. Far away from her last known position. The ship is empty and drifting in Space. Know, over 30 years after her disappearance, we will revile the secret of the USS Hera.

I hope fore fare more Ideas. Maybe we will play your mission in the future. :-)
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09-28-2010, 11:09 AM
I have ton of ideas for sto missions/episodes/story arcs. My biggest problem is that i don't know all the lore (not a huge star trek fan, just a regular one)

One idea i thought of was helping the borg defeat an undine super bio weapon (is it called a planet buster?) or help the undine save partly assimilated undine from a borg queen (king if they exist)

After saving the undine or aiding the borg, the faction will then turn on you. Borg must assimilate everything and undine just hate all bipeds.

I think there was a voyager episode where the crew got passage through borg space in exchange for the special torpedo used against the undine

To be honest i have a million ideas how to improve the game as an mmo, quite a few less as a sto mmo though (due to my limited knowledge of the lore)

Some ideas, vehicles, ground turret weapons, more melee weapons (I know I've seen polearms and daggers) holo suite for finished missions

For the holo suite idea...

1. You complete a mission, it appears in your holo suite selection table
2. There are no rewards and no possible loot that drops
3. Add some huge replay value and the ability to get accolades missed
4. Play completed misisons on a harder difficulty (no critical damage done to self or ship)
5. Technically the holo suite will make a holographic version of the bridge and what is viewed on the main screen, as such it can replicate space missions by simulating damaged systems and such. So space missions are still in

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