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One thing that has rapidly become annoying while playing is the constant random encounters I keep getting dumped into.

I'll finish a mission and start looking at where to spend my points, reading through the skill descriptions etc. and *wham* loading screen - - - - - - defeat enemy forces 0/8

I'll warp to a sector and pull up the map to find the system I need to go to for my mission.
*wham* loading screen - - - - - - defeat enemy squads 0/8

The game would be so much more enjoyable, if it would stop interrupting me!

In the same vein, why does it keep dumping me into encounters with enemy ships 40 levels above me?
Sure sometimes there'll be a group around my level, but no sooner do I finish them off, I get jumped by five or six +42 enemies.
I'm better off 'warping out' as soon as it loads me in, leaving me wondering why does the game keep loading me into these in the first place, and how do I make it stop?

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