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# 1 Wireless disconnects solved(?)
09-29-2010, 08:44 PM
Running STO in Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro 2008
Using U-Verse wireless residential gateway

Was experiencing painfully repetitive disconnects, but only in STO. STO server disconnects, then you check your net connection and it shows your wireless connection is gone. WIndows 7 troubleshooter would most often help you restore wireless connection (2WIRExxx), but it would just keep happening after you play just a few more minutes into play after relaunch.

After a bit of netsearch, I found the suggestion to 'downgrade' my router's wireless authentication from WPA to WEP - this has successfully addressed my issue so far. I'm still not crazy about the idea of having to water down my security settings, and would welcome any further advice.

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# 2
09-30-2010, 06:22 AM
you could try using a tool called wlan optimizer or vista antilag, w7\vista networking tends to send data in bursts which on rare occasions could cause disconnections

with wireless the signal strength also plays a big part, if the strength is too weak.. ie bellow about 80% or is not stable you will also experience these issues. electronic noise or radio intefearance will cause problems try switching to a different channel
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# 3
10-02-2010, 02:23 PM
For what little it's worth, this indicates that your wireless router is buggy junk. Sadly, most wireless routers are buggy junk.

WEP is completely insecure now - you might as well just not waste time encrypting the signal, it's been comprehensively broken and takes no time or effort to defeat.

The best solution is to use a network cable. That's reliable and secure.

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