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# 1 Voices and Sounds
10-02-2010, 03:09 AM
Hey there, I haven't posted on the forums alot, but I must say I do like some of the new patch works and stuff, I was gone for a couple months, because of a new baby and low income sources, but I've gotten everything sorted and am actively playing STO again. =) Man i love Star Trek!!

Anyways, long story short, I've always felt a bit, hmmmm I guess cheated would be the closest word I can think of, but not that extreme, I understand the void of space is large and space in it's nature is very silent, but there are times, when talking to people at ESD or any outpost, where I just wish I would get even just a confirmation. IE I go up to Admiral Quinn in ESD and click to talk to him right, you never hear anything, but have to read the text, maybe just a simple "Hi (inssert title here)" Just something simple, that way at least you hear people talking, I know in alot of other MMO's you won't get the full speech but they will say something like a hello or hi or something. I was just wondering if this is something you are all looking into, it just seems sometimes as I'm flying through space it's deathly quiet, and then I go to a space dock somewhere and it's still quiet.....

Just makes it seem very robotic and cold, not warm and friendly like I figure it should be. Maybe not all NPC's maybe just the major ones or something, but just a little bit of voice from the NPC's that respond to us would be great and it would make the world feel that much more alive.

Great work all around though guys, I do really love the game, and now that I'm captain, i've gotten my tactical escort, OMFG it is sooooo sweeet, I had the heavy escort before and it was good, but this new one is just awesome, I always love getting into a group of 3 enemies and having to struggle between shield buffs and sending aux power to structural while trying to balance out firing arcs and torpedos, just great, and am LOVING the new episodic content as well.

So my main question is, "Is there any voice coming to STO in any form?" I know getting voice-overs for high profile NPC's might not be possible, (a historical arc with ST TNG and having Picard Data and others having actual voice-overs by the appropriate actors probably won't happen since they're a much higher profile than when they did the show) but you know something similar with at least some kind of voice acknowledgement that you've spoken to them.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
10-03-2010, 12:46 AM
I think most of us agree we would love more voiceovers. We did get somehting closer to what w would like with the Breen.

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