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# 1 Looking for a Fleet
10-02-2010, 07:03 PM
Greetings all!

I'm looking to join a fleet. Here's a bit about me and what I'm looking for:

- I'm a very casual player. I've been around since Beta, yet I'm still only a Commander. That being said, I've been playing a lot more lately and hope to continue to be more active. But, obviously, I can't be in a fleet with any participation requirements.

- I'm on the US East coast and I have a really wonky work schedule. Therefore, an international fleet is probably preferred. I often find myself logging in around 4:30am local time. But depending on the day, I could often pop in any time. My playtime can be very irregular and sporadic.

- I'm a pre-release Life Time Subscriber, so I won't really be going anywhere for a while (though I may disappear on occasion, based on work)

- I'm 26 (soon to be 27). I don't care either way about an age limit, just a maturity requirement. I've met 14-year-olds that are more mature and interesting than some 30-year-olds. As long as everything is civil, intelligent, and light-hearted, I'm good. Though, I'd prefer something that is not so uptight that you can't have a little silly fun.

- I'm mostly a solo player. Though, I'd like to have a group of people I can rely on when help is needed. And I'll gladly help out others if and whenever possible.

- Really, I just find the game relatively quiet and lonely. I'd like to see a fun/active fleet chat, with regular conversation that isn't always about the game only. I want a place where I can have enjoyable chats about TV/movies/life/whatever. ***To me, this is probably the most important thing I'm listing here***

- I don't PVP. Maybe one day I'll be willing to give it a try, but it's just not for me right now.

- I don't do voice chat, so I won't meet a TS or Vent requirement.

- I'd like to be in a medium-sized fleet. I don't want to be lost in the masses of a huge fleet, but I also don't want to see tumbleweeds rolling through the chat because nobody's logged in.

- I'm pretty happy with how I have designed my uniform and ships, so don't expect me to change either to match a fleet.

Well, there's my list of demands. If you think your fleet is right for me, let me know
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# 2 Join us!
10-02-2010, 07:15 PM
Vulcan Exploration Fleet

Greetings. This new Fleet is looking for All Species, Specificly "Vulcans and Romulans" who wish to Explore the unknown regions of space. To collect data and chart new star systems. To seek out new civilizations and conquer hostile worlds and destroy enemies of the Federation. To our Romulans brothers. You may join us as well, for our blood is the same. This Fleet Ambitions will be aggressive in nature, for we are at war! In the near future, we will, in time go on a year mission to push STO new Exploration System comeing by years end or early 2011 to its limit! I do qoute:

"ZAM: In the same interview, you admitted a little frustration regarding STO's initial representation of exploration; do you have any plans to build a new mechanic around this aspect of the game, similar to the way Season 2's "Federation Diplomatic Corps" relates to non-combat gameplay?

Stahl: When we all envisioned exploration, the common visual was that you'd be able to point your ship in a direction and keep on going to see what's out there. While we had this vision as well, we failed to deliver on it at launch. What you ended up with is a small box where you fly around and go through random doors.

The team is committed to addressing this. We really want to see exploration be about going into deep space and seeing how far you can get from home before the crew gets homesick. You can look for us to start delivering a new vision for exploration in Season 3."

As STO evolves we will evolve. When the time come, we wlil build a Space Station as our numbers grow...
{VEF} will seek out Alliances for those Fleets who wish to trade and share resources and Energy Credits. Also, Fleets may join us on this journey into Deep Space when the time comes.

If you wish to join this Exploration Fleet or form an Alliance, please post here or contact us on our new website:

{VEF} Ranking will be based on your Rank ingame Federation system. Our Fleet engagements is as follows:

The Fleet main goal will be Exploration. Exploring different Sector Space will be the main goal. When STO launches its new exploring system later on, this Fleet will dedicate 1year into exploring this new system. We will not be returning to base until after the year is up! We, as a Fleet will make sure we have enough resources in our inventories to keep us alive for this journey.

We will be encouraging the Following as well:




Tradeing of resources with other Fleets will be done as well. We will be opening up channels with different Fleets to trade resources and bridge officers in the near future.

Due to recent events with Romulan home world and lack of Vulcans and Romulans ingame, {VEF} is, for the time being opening up its doors to Alien Species. We will look over your charecter traits and see if you fit within our ranks.

Please state your profession and Rank in STO. Thank you
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# 3
10-02-2010, 10:36 PM
we have team speak
we like to drink
we like to play Star Trek Online
we have a PVE group of people
we have a PVP group of people
and we have People that like to do both
check out our web site the link is under my sig
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# 4
10-03-2010, 10:37 AM

I sent you this in PM, but will post here as well.

I am the Rogue Spectre Fleet Admiral, and we fit what your looking for. Casual players looking to have fun. We specialize in PvP, PvE, STF's and leveling. I have a science recon (VA1) and a science escort (Lt3) and also a Tactical Commander 3, and a Klingon Tactical.

We are a smaller fleet, with about 20 members or so, with all of them active on either of their alts, or their main on a regular basis.

We are allied with 12th Fleet and Imperium Fleet.

To give you history, I have played this game for a year now. October 1st was my one year mark. I played Closed Beta, and Open Beta on another name (@AprilDriesse) and than changed to this one.

I am the fleet admiral of the fleet, we have no fancy join requirements, just join our website, get invited in game to the fleet, and login to teamspeak (You do not need to voice chat or anything like that, you can indeed use our in game fleet chat if you prefer to do so, just let us know)

I pay for the teamspeak server. I also am the one who codes and works on our website.

I formed this fleet January 19th 2010. We lost a lot of players after Open Beta, but have always been pretty small.

We're laid back, enjoy joking over a good laugh, than we are the laid back community your looking for.

Check us out.


Add me to your buddy list in game to see how RSF rolls.


Lemme know if your interested!

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