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The current reward system in Fleet Actions (but also PvP, particularly War Zones) seems outright punishing to people willing to aid others.

Why should I keep an Escort alive when flying a Cruiser if that just means he can rack more DPS and kill more targets than me and that gets the snazzy fleet action reward?
Why should I work together with an ally, distracting Borg and the player opponents in Ker'Rat so he can scan stuff if that means he gets the reward and not me?

The problem might even exist outside of these - if you team up for an exploration mission or in a Sector Defense, team mates end up competing with each other for the drops.

I think the game needs more encouragement for people to work together.

Here is one suggestion:
1) Fleet Actions and War Zones
All rewards are given based on team performances. Teams will always have the advantage in scoring (since you can rack up points from all team members). That said - if there are 2 Teams and 3 "single players" not willing or able to join teams, this will still give the third place to a single player.

2) PvE Missions
Increase the drop ratio slightly, say by 20 % per team member. So on a team of 5 doing their B'Tran daily, each player will get twice as much gear out of it then if he had done the mission alone.
If a team loses a player, it loses the point he gained (so we still track individuals cores).

Abuse Potential Analysis:
1) Leeching
Leeching is difficult - if you don't contribute to a team's score, your team is less likely to succeed. There might be an option required for kicking someone from a team, though you can get th same result by everone leaving the team and then building a new team without the problem player.

2) Griefing
a) This could be done by dropping from the team at the last moment, removing points from its score. This is hard to counter, but it would require a lot of effort since you had to go through the entire action just to do that. This could simply be something that is GM-Ticketable and can lead to infractions.
This could also be done by disbanding a team and forming a new team minus one player.
b) The solution for leeching could be abused to grief some player that actually did contribute just fine.
To compensate here, one could put a "team-reorganization" penalty. Maybe the team score is distributed evenly among team members whenever a team member leaves. This would make the new team always lose points unless they add a different player with points. It would make dealing with leechers a little harder, but not much - they can usually be detected early and 1/5th of the points of the team is still not likely to get them to 1st place, so they can't get much out of it.

A not necessarily wanted but potential side effect is that if we "only" reward teaming, this means that team actually compete against each other in this setup. But I think that's not so bad, as long as we actually reward teamwork, and thus encourage the "MM" aspect of an MMORPG a little more.
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# 2 Quests Done Right
10-03-2010, 01:54 PM
This would be Cool:

If being in a Fleet means that, whatever mission is being done by one or the whole is rewardable to the Fleet then all members having the same quests goals at that time will get that quests exp, and completion. I think that you should be active and online at the time of completion to reap the benefits.

Example: Is that if you and other members of your Fleet have the same quests, but feel that you can handle a particular quest alone, while the others tends to the other quests, the Fleet will get those quests exp and completions, but not the loots unless you're actually doing those particular quests at that moment. In other other words,... "Be There For the Loot!"

Need I say what a Fleet should do, if members just wants to leech off of others.
We could have a Fleet manifest of members participations. Members could be doing other quests other member don't have. (Recognize the Leeches)

Qualification for Quests Completion, EXP and Loot:
Must have/except the same Quest/s as one or more of your Fleet members
Must be Active and Online
Must be actively doing the Quest in order to be eligible for Loot. But don't worry,... I'm sure your Fleet members will be willing to share or trade Loot with members in need.

Point is; if one member succeeds, we all succeed as a Fleet.

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