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# 1 My UGC Klingon Faction Mission
10-02-2010, 12:31 AM
Title: Bait and Switch

You have to use your trusty sensor scan(HAHA) to find an individual on a map, as they got drunk from too much Bloodwine and wandered off. In this mission you will scour a huge map, and though the mission text will tell you that you are looking for drunk Klingon, you only find random Feds around the map. Finally you locate the person you have to talk to, and they are a freaking Klingon in Starfleet attire...

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# 2 How about...
10-03-2010, 06:50 AM
Add a targ, a swamp, lots of filthy muck, really low visibility (fog?), witty dialog, some pits of really deep water, and lots of annoying/attacking swamp creatures (snakes, crocodiles?). For a closing cut-scene you could have the captain laying in his bed with his "special green friend" using a pain-stick on him to get the leaches "off". If that doesn't make you hate those guys, nothing will (possible future mission would be they screw up so badly you get to hunt them down and kill them all). ohh, dialog idea, your friend could drop a line about getting the leeches down to the cook while they're still alive and gorged....

Oh, the targ, I don't see command caring about a few idiots so stupid that they got lost. Even half-drunk, Klingons are the best warrior in the galaxy. But if it's someone's Targ is with them, let's say Councilor Duras's (of course you'd need a reason why), well then it becomes orders to rescue the targ (rescuing the warriors is optional ).

This would be a great "garbage-run" mission as a follow-up to blowing another mission's objectives (I know, the tools won't support that at launch).
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# 3
10-03-2010, 04:50 PM
Its needs a lot of scantily clad Orion women seductively washing a BoP.
If the SF Klink can be brought back for trail of treason, that would be cool too.
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# 4
10-03-2010, 05:47 PM
If you don't rescue the Klingons (see post #2), there could be follow-ups where the back-story is they were rescued by the Federation and have sworn to kill you for leaving them in that swamp (I sure would if I was left there).

(and yes, my "friend" getting the leaches off me would be green and dressed appropriately )

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