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Hey everyone!

I still have a couple questions after reading through some of the board here. Full disclosure, this is my first MMO, so some of these Qs might be general knowledge across other games but it's all new to me.

A friend and I both got the game this week but I'm able to play it a bit more. This means I'll be ahead but we're usually only a few levels apart, sometimes 5, but nothing drastic like Admiral and Lt Cmd.

From what I understand, I can go back and replay missions I've done that she hasn't by teaming up together. A couple questions on that:

1. Can one join the other in the middle of a mission? Say I'm patrolling Vulcan space or something and have only cleared 1/4 of the areas. Do I need to finish up that entire mission before they can join me?

2. Does she need to run around and collect the missions from everyone before we can team up and do them?

3. Can the lower level player "skip" some of the early level missions and just join the higher player? Of course this wouldn't be smart if I was too many levels above, but I don't know which missions, if any, are "required" story missions and which are just level boosting "go do something" missions. (again, totally new to MMOs here)

4. I don't like repetition very much, but I realize that unless I want to sit and wait til she can play, I'll end up having to replay missions I've already done that she hasn't. Any tips to allow me to keep playing at my faster pace but limit the missions I have to re-do for her to catch up?

5. Another beginner MMO question. As long as we're "teamed up", once the mission is over, both of us get the XP and money rewards and then split the items regardless of who did what in the mission, correct?

I'm sure I have a bunch more, but I'll cut them off there for now. Thanks a ton for any help!


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