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# 1 PvP Timed Respawn and Open PvP
10-02-2010, 02:54 PM
I want to get the PvP community's opinion regarding Timed Respawns when Open PvP is added.

Today I had a C&H match, where this one Federation player literally kept zerging back behind Klingon lines in an attempt to capture the Klingon Cap (while the Klingons also holding the Starbase and the Shipyard (Second Middle)). And inspite being killed 5 times and knowing it was guarded, he kept immediately rushing back after respawning. This made me think about the PvP days in Everquest and ****, where the groups who zerged the most, eventually won.

Eventually timed respawning due to being killed in PvP was added years later (though after the golden ages of PvP). But it made me wonder what if Territoral PvP was added this happened as well, where Zerging became the mainstay tactic?

So, let me ask you all. Do you think a Timed Respawn in being killed in PvP would be a good idea or not?
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# 2
10-02-2010, 08:19 PM
every <insert timeframe> seconds you get a wave of respawns? I like the idea, and I've played games that use that system.

Unfortunately though, without a way to respawn a person before that timer (such as in GW using a resurrection signet) the timer can easily make or break the team. It does add a significant amount of strategy though, such as waiting to spike a person down till 1 second after the timer or spiking a person down with 1 second before the timer (to force them to walk back if the team has a res skill). Unfortunately though, the system in place wouldn't really work that well with a respawn timer (at least imo) - so it's probably too late at this point. Adding one would require a major rework of the system.

That said, I've seen games that are successful using both ways (10 seconds after you're dead and every 20 second clock). It's not a bad idea, but I'm apprehensive about adding it at this stage of the game's life.
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10-03-2010, 02:50 PM
True, it wouldn't work with the current arena-type PvP system. But judging from what Cryptic recently said regarding changes being in order to incorporate Open and Territoral PvP zones. I figure this could be considered.

Though surely having a timed respawn surely would promote Teamwork, where the loss of one person could a drastic outcome of winning or losing. And with Territorial PVP and perhaps even PvP over a dungeon (if Cryptic incorporates such competition), it could really add greatly to the fun factor that's missing in PvP.

And of course it surely would promote strategy as well, instead of charging blinding into battle in hopes it victory would end up as a result.
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# 4
10-04-2010, 11:07 AM
Hopefully the zones will be large enough, and the spawns far enough away from each other, a timer wont be required. That way if you get spawn campers they will get hit with zerg waves.

Clone Kerrat and remove the Borg. Instant PvP zone now... Right?

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