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So, pending Mk XII gear in the coming months, I would like to ask our wonderful devs at Cryptics to consider making Medals of Excellence and Badges of Exploration, 5th Order the currency for Mk XII uncommon gear, like with previous levels for vendors in the Shipyards at K7 and ESD, respectively.

If a new currency is used (like Badges of Exploration, 6th Order or Medals of Freaking Awesomeness), I would like to ask for some sort of exchange, like a 5 to 1 from 5th Order to 6th Order (and the same for Medals). I have lots of these badges stacked up, as do many other players, and it might be considered a slap in the face to many players if all of these currencies is put to waste. I understand that the lower levels of these currencies are currently not used at higher levels, but we have been fighting on our characters for nearly 8 months at RA/VA, with these two as the currencies. That is a lot of Medals/Badges.

Well, I guess I should have asked for you guys to put in the uncommon gear vendors first, since they are a nice stepping stone to the better gear (Mk XII very rares).

Thanks for your time, and I hope you consider this request!

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