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10-04-2010, 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by IstalriSverd
What would it take to get the people at Cryptic to look into this?
They already are. I think they're trying to make very good for us rather than putting some unfinished version that everyone would hate.

Overall, great idea. It would be cool to be able to use some old ships you don't have really any need for, put a BOff on it, and let it follow you around giving you support. I would like the idea of telling what my crew should do. Like to get into a formation, or attack a particular shield facing, etc, but that would be hard to do.

I don't like the idea of only being able to use a TIER LOWER ship, because I bet there are a good chunk of people (myself included) who has about 3 T5 ships doing nothing. I have the Assault Cruiser, Star Cruiser, Advanced Cruiser Retrofit, Advanced Escort, Recon Science, the Dreadnaught Cruiser, and the Tactical Escort Retrofit. Eventually I'm going to get the Exploration Cruiser Retro. (Yeah, I'm a ship *****), but if I have to shove out a LOT of money for all those ships than I should better use them!!!!

The system I think would be good if for you to be able to put your BoFF's on certain ships (which when you do that they regain a "standard" armament like when you first got them, because many transferred their old stuff onto ther new ships, leaving their old ones with nothin), those BOffs can use their powers on those ships, but we might be able to "train" ships with other powers (like a Tact ship with Engineering Team), but not as much as the player ship. (So the max for my NPC Assault for Tact would be 1 Ensign Tact, slot, etc.)

Also, much like BoFF's on the ground, we should be able to activate their powers (like my Galaxy-X and it's phaser spinal lance), whenever we choose, especially if it aids us in combat. Overall, it would be a nice thing to have to make us FEEL like we're admirals instead of just captains.

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