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Hello dear Cryptic developer team!

I absolutly lilke your game STO but i'm sad some functionnalities were added starting from a good idea on paper but reveals on use to be absolutly killing the gameplay.

In space or ground combat The thing that ennoys me the most is the bouncing effect of the targeting. Since you don't have a stable target but the target switchs alone betwin the target dealing the most damage to my char then it's pretty difficult to focus on combat. This is disturbing the most.

Ofcourse i can deactivated it through the option panel > controls. But that's not the same as not having those combat functionnality at all. In large ground combat like DS9 STF or the big dig the bouncing target effet tends to the torture .... Not only the targets bounce but the camera loose focus too...

Well if there is something ratherly simple to correct in STO to make an immediate better feeling about this game that would be on my top list...

Thank you for reading me

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