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Howdy folks ! I have to reformat due to a few probs and re-install XP pro media so I can continue here
for some years.

My questions : Which files do I copy to disc so I dont lose STO characters stuff ?

Tech: I didnt have any probs until I accidently dl'd SP3..I only play this now a maybe Bad Co. to
recruit my pals. SP2 is all I ever used since I conduct no business on this machine. Why is SP3
pushed on all of us by MS in your opinion?

Is there any other advice for re-installing anyone can give to help an 'ol guy get back here asap?

Thank you for your time & consideration,and have a great day ! ..
Lt. Commander
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10-05-2010, 10:20 AM
All the information about your characters are stored on Cryptic's servers. You won't lose anything character wise if you reinstall the game.

You will however, have to go through a lenthy update download when you first reinstall. You might be able to avoid this by copying your .hogg files and put them back in the same directory when you are done reinstalling. This might save you some update time, but you will still have to run the STO installation on your new setup.

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