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Just an idea, so bear with me guys...

Obviously, Im still quite low in the ranks and a lot of you are way more advanced and already had this idea or it already exists!

My ship does take a damn good battering during some fleet actions, Due to my inexperience and lower rank. However, whenever i am low on power and my Hull is about to buckle I get this urge to ram the ship thats attacking me! This does nothing as we all know and you simply bump off them (Or in my case, die before you get there).

I'd love to see a power/option where you could click, Lets say Collision Course for now... and it would plot a course towards your target enemy at FULL IMPULSE and either destroy or cripple the enemy.

Now, I know this would give everyone a huge advantage so obviously there would have to be a few restrictions... For example, It could only be used when your hull is down to say 30%! Your respawn time would be extended so you could not jump straight back in. Can only be used once per fleet action etc etc...

If you could let me know your thoughts on this i'd very grateful,

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