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High power levels are an incredible advantage in STO. They determine how much damage you deal, how much you can take and how strong some of your powers are in general. Having a high power level is an innate advantage that is only really appreciated when this power is gone.
However, this is a root for the current imbalance between ship classes. Aside the fact that ships have different power bonuses, captains of a science vessel have an extreme difficulty to spare skillpoints for the engineering skills that boost your powerlevel. Also, the EPTx engineering skills give an incredibly high boost for a long duration and little downtime, while there are only llittle counters to high power levels.

  • Tyken's Rift
  • Energy Siphon
  • Beam Target Subystem
  • Polaron Weapons

These are the means to drain the powerlevels of an enemy ship. While Tyken's Rift has an AoE and a considerable drain-amount when fully specced, it is relatively easy to escape the range of effect. Energy Siphon also gives a boost to the user, however the amount is almost neglectable and easily countered by EPTx skills as well as Science Team (also, I find it curious that my fully specced Tyken's drains ~44 power AoE, while the single-target Energy Siphon is limited to 15).
The Beam Target Subsystem skills have the highest drain-amount, for the cost of being restricted to one power-type. Still, the BTSS skills alone are not enough to counter high power levels, especially against cruisers. Considering how easy it is to avoid or counter other powerdrain abilites which would allow for a combo, the BTSS skills are not as viable as they appear.
Polaron Weapons drain even more power than Energy Siphon, however the proc chance is very slim and therefore cannot be anticipated to use in conjunction with other abilities.
Also, be reminded that theses skills and weapons drain power over time, while the EPTx engineering skills and batteries add power instantly and last for a much longer time.

Now, I want to propose a small change to Energy Siphon and possibly Tyken's Rift, which would give science ships a new role and at the same time bring cruisers back on par with other shipclasses.

Change the drained amount from a fixed number to a percentage.

While this change could be considered a nerf against enemies with lower power levels, it would certainly be a counter against high power levels and would give science ships a new debuffing role to fill. Also, it would allow for combinations with the SVs' innate BTSS skills which are currently hard to execute.
For example, Energy Siphon could drain 15 / 30 / 45% (rank I, II, III) of the target's powerlevels and add it to your own. This way, a cruiser with 120 shield power would lose 54 power (66 left), while an escort with 52 shield power would only lose 23 power (29 left). Although these numbers are just examples, I'd suggest a lower percentage drain for Tyken's Rift due to its AoE.
Another possibility would be to drain all power down to a certain amount, let's say 40 for Tyken's Rift 3. While in the AoE, all power would be capped at this level instead of the usual 125. However this would be a bigger change to said skills. You might want to discuss it, though.

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10-05-2010, 11:12 AM
I like the idea, make B:TSS drain percentage as well, fixes the whining about B:TSS spam in pvp altogether.

Well, Tyken's doesn't add the energy drained to your own levels, so it's only natural that siphon is lower.
Every feature should have a disadvantage, why not let high power levels have the disadvantage of being leeched off of by scis :p
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10-06-2010, 12:26 PM
one point, it is a great shame that eng team remove beam to X systems. as every cruiser will have at least 1 copy of eng team, (because there is no many power to choose from at ensign level) this power is rather useless. it dont help that it only have a 15s cooldown give 2 copy.

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