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# 1 A few things to note
10-07-2010, 03:52 AM
There is allot of great bridges out there, however i feel limited, let me explain. The intrepid, star cruiser, defiant, star explorer variants, Prometheus, and healer bridges all have a ship schematic in the background of the bridges. I like this aspect allot, it makes you feel like that your ship is really a ship, when your on the bridge of your ship. So my request is this.
That a assault variant bridge be made for the assault cruiser, with the assault cruiser background schematic image in it. Or allow the player to choose what schematic shows up in the background of the bridges.
I hope at least one of these is possible

The second item is allowing people to respec there skills via credits. Currently when you spec you can only get ether the skill points in the last two tires, or get skill points in one of the last two tires plus the refit ships. The problem with this, is the player does not know what is coming out in the future. Will it be a refit, or will it be a new ship say for the fleet escort, or the assault cruiser line. My point is it would go a long way if we could pay credits to change our skills as needed. What i mean by that is if we see a new ship want to fly but we don't have the merits, and we don't have skill points in that ship variant, we can simply respec using credits. Instead of having to dish out 6.95 for a respec.
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# 2
10-07-2010, 06:24 AM
Your ship class image concept is something I thought would be a good idea, but didn't verbalize. Doesn't make sense for a bridge design to be "Class Locked" as it is now... specifically, you are stuck with a flying golfball for a display on one of the bridge packs, even though the bridge is very nice...

I don't fly a golf ball, I fly a cruiser TYVM.

I have to disagree with the respec concept though... from a simply economic standpoint:

Cryptic's given you 2 methods in-game to be able to respec your character. Either grind, or save your respec tokens from promotions or spec right the first time ;0)

Too lazy to do either? Yeah Buddy, break out the Visa.

I'll support that. Just like I support the Emblems purchase for VA refit ships. You can drop loot (like I have) on the C-points only ships, or for the refit ships you can earn in-game either as your "Congrats you made VA here's a braaaaannnddd new car!" or grind for an eternity to get another ship. I think the emblem cost is a bit high but the math probably works out on cryptic's end w/ regards to profit made from C-points purchase of refit ship vs profit made from subscription time for the duration required to on average, earn the emblems to buy one..
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# 3
10-07-2010, 06:06 PM
For me its not about being lazy, its about the fact that not cryptic, or the players can possibly know what kind of ships they are going to release. I am not even sure where the Dreadnought fits in the skill points. Just no way of knowing where they are going to put new ships, and in what category.

I do hope they do something about the bridges, because your right. The healer bridges could easily be a assault cruiser bridge, but they got a schematic of a medical ship in the background. So like i said ether they make a new bridge for the assault cruiser, i hope, or they let the players choose what schematic is in the background.

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