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# 1 suggestion: new PvP map
10-08-2010, 12:12 AM
Havign run through the Klingon content recently where we stole a runabout and shot up some feds something occurred to me. One thing that never works very well is PvP is inbalance 2v4 is grim, although 8v10 is not so bad. But many of us would like to play matches where the sides are not even and yet still have a hope/chance of winning.

So - I wondered about a 2 vs 8 situation or whatever where the players fly unequal ships.

The Klingons are in a carrier launch bay at the start and flying a fighter and the feds are in their normal ships. I would love that. The carrier doesnt have to be a player, although I guess it coud be, and the mission does not have to be to destroy the carrier. It could be to protect or hold something. It could even be a space station ratehr than a carrier.

This would definietly provide a diverse PvP experience, give the Klingons something special, and possibly a whole new branch of ship customasation in the medium term because players might want to build and modify their fighter in the way they do with other ships. Less slots, of course, but still some options for modification.

The best bit is the architechture is there in some form to swap a player into a ship he doesn;t own because we have already seen it in a mission. I realise it probably isnt straightforward but it is clearly doable.

I would also be happy to see PvE missions in which players have to get into a fighter for a specific encounter, (STFs maybe) and take on a borg tactical cube v2. Give us a special torpedo or phased cheese cannon by way of excuse to get us out of our own ships, or the flagship needs a special drive to get to the encounter and we only got one prototype in teh empire.

What do other people think?

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