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10-08-2010, 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by DeadlyShoe
they don't one shot, they just don't.
...I don't know what to tell ya. You're effectively asking me to choose between what I saw and what you say.

There was no injury involved - this was on Normal difficulty, and wouldn't explain the first one-shot regardless.

It wasn't an Officer who dropped me with a single bat'leth swipe; it was a Swordmaster. All the Officers were pushovers, as a matter of fact.

The character concerned was wearing Polyalloy armor (though possibly Mk I - can't remember).

I'm not by any means new to the game, and I have a fair amount of situational awareness. I enjoy ground combat, and generally don't get defeated multiple times in a single mission unless I'm playing Elite.

So... yeah. I appreciate you suggesting alternate hypotheses, but so far they don't explain what I witnessed.

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