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Hello folks,

This is a problemI often run into. Ground combat. In the beginning it was just dumb crouching down and fire until nobody is left standing. So i switched to a hire difficulty. And what do I encounter? Mobs, espacially kligons and Remans, whiping my boardingparty/away team all the time.

so I just ask you, what are the adjustments a tactical officer can make, to be a bit more competetive to those foes?
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10-08-2010, 10:55 AM
Get good gear.
Mark 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 weapons / shields / and armor ( I use Polyalloy) for you and all your away team.
Give your away team expose weapons ( I like dual pistols) and get yourself 2 exploit weapons of your choice.
Focus fire on one target / use the expose.
Repeat till all dead.

So when we talk away advise (and only mine but I use this with good success) would be....get rid of the tactical BOīs in the away team.
Use 2 x sci and 2 x engi.
One sci a healer and one with tachyon harmonic and the 2 engis with turrets / drones and shield recharge.

Donīt forget hyposprays for you and your team.
Good luck
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10-08-2010, 01:22 PM
Good advice above....away team members with expose weapons in a cone can produce a lot of exposed enemies Get yourself 2 of whatever exploit weapon you like to use (I prefer the disruptor sniper rifle but the phaser sniper rifle seems to be popular).

Some handy hotkeys to remember as well:

Y - makes all your BOs focus fire on your current target, naturally you start with the most dangerous targets first (healers, shield rechargers creature handlers etc...) then work your way down the list.

G - targets the nearest exposed enemy, save your exploit attacks for this. Continue doing the above while switching to exposed targets and vaporizing them using this hotkey.

T - allows you to pause the action for a short time. Don't neglect this in tough fights, it can help with selecting which target to go after next and let you collect your thoughts.

Z - switches between your primary and secondary weapons. This is why you want 2 equipped. When you get an exposed enemy and hit G then vaporize them your exploit attack goes on cooldown. You can switch to a second weapon that has it's exploit attack ready to go.
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10-08-2010, 03:53 PM
The main problem you'll face at higher difficulty are the bolt sprays of death. Klingon swordsmen and munitions officers are the most notorious for this attack. One hit from their dual pistol on bolt spray can often wipe out a full team.

So the best defense is to not let them use bolt spray. Use Stuns, Disable their weapons, stasis effects. Anything that reduces their ability to shoot back at you will increase your odds. Use deployables as well. Turrets, drones, generators. These all draw massive agro and can serve well as an easy damage soak. While you and your team stands well out of the attacking AOE cone and engages from the flank.

And dont neglect melee attacks. While melee with a Klingon swordsman is waste of a good officer. Melee with other NPCs especially shielded NPCs. Bypasses the shield and generates a fair number of expose opportunities. Ending the engagement far quicker then by trying to overpower a quickly regenerating shield with energy weapons.
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10-08-2010, 04:18 PM
Also to a lesser extent you want to look at your away teams traits, they might not make or break it but they probably make it easier. Things like

Teamwork (+5% exploit dmg to anyone within 15km)
Telepathic (+1.5% expose change, +1 second expose duration)

Are likely more useful than not having them.

I generally have a sci character dedicated to healing/buffing with threat reduction traits, telepathic, creative (boosts healing skills) with an expose weapon.
a sci character dedicated to exposes (pretty much every sci skill that isn't healing) with telepathic, lucky and an multi target exploit weapon
eng with shield recharge, weapons malfunction, fuse armor, phaser turret with teamwork and lucky, multi target exploit weapon
tac with stun grenade, overwatch, target optics, photon grenade, telepathic, lucky, dmg/resistance buffs and an multi target exploit weapon.

considering how everyone but the healer can expose with their abilities (and I try to get the "superior" version of the expose buff traits), and multiple targets at a time except the eng (hence teamwork instead of telepathic) which are often firing more often than the secondary fire of expose weapons (and well the best multi target exploit weapon offers more dmg than the best multi target expose weapon for their secondary attacks anyway) it's pretty much vapourisation every other enemy.
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10-08-2010, 04:38 PM
What rarity are your bridge officers? I'd recommend outfitting your away team with all purples for the better ground traits. Many purple officers also have psionic resists.

Disruptor resist personal shields can buy you a little more time when up against the dual bolt spray/mass assault weapon spawns of doom.

Use cover a lot, order your team to focus fire a lot, use AoE attacks very sparingly.
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10-08-2010, 08:53 PM
1. Use cover. Either natural or cover shields.
2. Spread out some so one AoE doesn't take your entire team out.
3. Issue hypos and shield charges
4. Use deployables to boost your DPS and absorb attacks
5. Use controls to lock down or disable strong enemies. Stun grenades, stun pistols, weapons malfunctions, stasis fields, graviemtric thingy that roots them, chroniton mines, suppressing fire, etc.
6. If a guy gets close to you, riflebutt him, uncrouch and run around some
7. Your engineers and science officers have some resistance and damage buffs. Use them before a fight.

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