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10-12-2010, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
theres been a few times our team has ended up drifting to the spawn (by way of killing them as they come and inching closer) and we realize this. so we go to move away only to be attacked the moment the spawning ships respawn. what do we do then? let them fire at us as we pull back to give them a "fair" chance or blow thejm up for firing on us?
Well, see, this is an entirely different thing, heck, I have done it several times. What can you do if they don't move away from their damn spawn point.

But if you read the OP, that was NOT the case. The Fed group was KICKING ass AND they were in the middle of the map, so in desperation two Klingons decided to go spawn camp.

Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
1: Stop balling up 5k from your initial spawnpoint, at the start of every game.. Move to the center of the map
2: Do not drag the opponents to your teams spawn, if you can avoid it
3: Cloak or MES the instant you respawn
4: Use evasive, batteries, EP2E to run out of range (this might have the added benefit of dragging the spawncampers away from the rest of your team)

Remember this:

If you spawn into a game, and you insist on staying there, YOU are the cause of any spawncamping.. The opponents are merely fighting at the spot you've chosen.
Please realize that while this is all true, I'm not talking about regular spawn camping which is usually (about 99%? of the time) the Feds own fault for not doing the above. Also, someone brought out Kerrat which again had nothing to do with the OP, so I replied to that, stating that if the spawn camping is done perfectly there, you can't get away as a non-battle cloaker.

But to be clear, the OP issue, Regular Fed Spawn Camping due to the Feds fault, And Kerrat Spawn Camping are entirely different things.

(But for Kerrat guys, once the person has said enough, I'll just leave, you really should let them warp out)

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