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# 1 Adjustment to Orion Traits
10-13-2010, 05:31 PM
Since STO opened, it's troubled me that the Orion race traits did not seem to make sense from a roleplay point of view. The traits that are Orion only don't fit with what the canon says they should be. So, I'm proposing an adjustment to the traits.

First is the currently female only trait SEDUCTIVE. Currently this trait is required for all female orions. The trait provides the following:
99,999 sec
* +20 confuse resistance
* +20 placate resistance
* -10% threat generation
I'd suggest the following adjustment:
Targets Foes and Self
25 meter Foes (pbaoe)
99,999 sec
* to foes: -20 confuse resistance
-20 placate resistance
* to self: -10% threat generation
This would make the trait match what the canon says about Orion females. Here is an entry from memory alpha dealing with Orion females:

Orion slave girls secrete a highly-potent pheromone that accelerates the metabolisms of males of many species, raising adrenaline production to dangerous levels. It causes aggression and a form of delusion that makes them susceptible to suggestion. The pheromone causes headaches in Human females and disrupts the sleep cycle of Denobulan males; Vulcans, however, are immune. The pheromone's effects are cumulative: the longer one is exposed, the more pronounced the results. In 2155, Dr. Phlox of the Enterprise NX-01 theorized that the pheromone acts as a defense mechanism against competition. (ENT: "Bound")

The adjustments I suggest would match with the above entry about Orion females.

The other trait that seems off is the active trait Seduce. Currently, this trait is Orion only, but open to the male orions. I propose to make the trait female only. Additionally, the range could be extended to 15.24 meters to match with other active traits that don't require direct contact with the target.

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