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10-14-2010, 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by Sketch5430 View Post
We should get space suits. But I don't think they should just be selectable uniforms, they should be put onto your characters for missions in hazardous environments. They could give bonuses to shields, but cripple mobility to a walking pace. They could also make you take damage when your sheilds are down. It'd be like having a leaky suit! They could make missions that take place on your hull or on a station's hull...

oops... I go off topic easily when i'm drinkin'.... sorry...
Space suits for sure! Why didn't I think of that? I would also love a mission on a ship with no atmosphere to go with it. Brilliant! even if you were drinking.

hmmm firefights while in space ground missions... I suppose the vaccum of space would sting a bit. "Leak? I'm not detecting any leak... wait.. ow ow ow!"

I'm sure if they were selectable, you would see people even on risa in full zero-g regalia wouldn't we?

If I had to vote on one.. the Maco costumes or the alternate universe costumes
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10-18-2010, 04:58 AM
At first a "simple" Change/Upgrade to all Materials,that will be bringt a straighter Individualty at once.
So it could by the Players choice to wear all of the Uniform and Out of Duty Costumes in Cotton,Leather or something else,without create full new Designs.

Nice additional and new Parts of Uniforms,Out of Duty Clothes and character Details would be at:


TOS long shafted Gloves
TOS Overknees
TOS Skirts of all kind an length
Eye Patches
long Coates like the high ranked Generals
some more detailed long and very long Beards
additional Belts
different kinds of Back Armor Plating
more Wrist and Arm Accessoires for Orion Males


an open Captains Jacket,like Picards in the next Gen
some kinds of Boleros,like on Bajoran Uniforms
also Skirts in all lengths,Minis are nice but they are to short to wear on formal Events :p
heeled Overknees and half shafted heeled boots in additional to that Skirts
Wrist and Arm Accessoires for Males
Out of Duty Muscle Shirts to wear that Accessoires

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10-18-2010, 08:17 PM
I would like to see some more options for more 'creature'-like aliens, like fur or scale textures, tails, horns, and some feet options like the Gorn currently have, something for reptile, bird or mammal-like feet/paws.
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10-22-2010, 02:26 PM
i have always loved in-game customization !! i think all games should have it. it can make a game SO much better. i would like to see :

1.more starfleet and klingon clothes
2.more hair types
3.more casual clothes like , shorts , shirts , t-shirts
4.and just anything else in general

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# 445 Breen
10-26-2010, 10:34 AM
I would like to be able to change the uniform of my Breen BO. Like to have a different helmat design or something.

I would like to see more 7 of 9 features.
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10-28-2010, 11:42 AM
How bout cybernetic limbs...not Borg ones...just plain robotic arms without the fake skin over them.

New armor designs for combat...I'm tired of the retarded scuba suits. Some unique EVA type armor would be awesome.

New footwear for the female formal wear like heeled boots.

More skimpy wear for Risa definatly. Both male and female.

A darker black color. Not this choose black and its all faded.
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10-31-2010, 02:16 PM
I'd like that new costume options after being bought in C-store be available in Alien Creator:
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# 448 Ja'risia
11-03-2010, 04:50 PM
I would like the Ja'risia forehead detail available to the Alien gen creator. It's already in-game and used by Risian NPCs on Risa. But I would like to create a Risian starship captain with this detail to signify what species they're from.
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11-07-2010, 07:09 PM
Even the occasional medieval clothing would be nice, although a better option would be to have a more true black color on the color scales instead of gray.

Some parts don't look quite right with the gray matte at it's darkest setting such as the Next Gen clothing.

Other than this, I'd love to see an option where you could have your weapons shown on costume, such as the Bat'leth behind the back or even at the sides. It's probably a tad complicated right now, although I've seen a lot of good ideas run through this one, and I'm probably just in agreement with other familiar suggestions made.

Another complication I see is Risa. A bathing suit is a nice option to have.
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11-08-2010, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by Daemon_Wolf
Another complication I see is Risa. A bathing suit is a nice option to have.
And if we have that.. can we display our horgon (I assume as a bundled emote?)

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