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10-14-2010, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by Sketch5430 View Post
We should get space suits. But I don't think they should just be selectable uniforms, they should be put onto your characters for missions in hazardous environments. They could give bonuses to shields, but cripple mobility to a walking pace. They could also make you take damage when your sheilds are down. It'd be like having a leaky suit! They could make missions that take place on your hull or on a station's hull...

oops... I go off topic easily when i'm drinkin'.... sorry...
Space suits for sure! Why didn't I think of that? I would also love a mission on a ship with no atmosphere to go with it. Brilliant! even if you were drinking.

hmmm firefights while in space ground missions... I suppose the vaccum of space would sting a bit. "Leak? I'm not detecting any leak... wait.. ow ow ow!"

I'm sure if they were selectable, you would see people even on risa in full zero-g regalia wouldn't we?

If I had to vote on one.. the Maco costumes or the alternate universe costumes

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