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  • The Breen Bridge officer reward has been removed from the final breen mission.
  • Crew placement in the following bridges has been adjusted.
    • Brotherhood
    • San Francisco
    • Fellowship
    • Peace
    • Qempa’
    • Kri’stak
    • Kirom
    • Ily
    • No’mat
    • G’boj
    • Reclaw
  • The Luna class starship has received a graphical overhaul.
  • The K’Tinga ship has received a couple visual tweaks.
  • Fleet emblems on the Sovereign class starship have been fixed.
  • Minor fixes have been made to the Defiant and Hope class starship art.
  • Damage has been increased for items with [DAM] modifiers.
  • The wing alignment on the Norgh class Bird of Prey has been adjusted.
  • The mission pod on the Nebula Retrofit has been improved.
  • Several Klingon starships, including all Raiders, have been rigged for wing animations. You will see the wing position change when entering and exiting glorious battle, as well as warping in and out of a system.
    • NOTE: If you purchased a ship that has these wing animations, you will need to re-save your ship in the Ship Editor to get the new animated wings.
  • Ambient stars now have a maximum visible size when passing by them in Sector Space.
  • The Kar’Fi Carrier has been studied enough to be added to the ship hologram cycle in Qo’noS. It will display after the Vo’quv Carrier.
  • The U.S.S. Phlox in Romulan Sector Space is now a Galaxy class starship.
  • The exit arrow in the T’Ong Nebula Map now faces the correct direction.
  • An exit arrow to the Gamma Orionis sector is now properly in the B’Tran Nebula map.
  • Commander Xindok in Battle Group Omega now explains how to get Marks of Exploration.
  • In Battle Group Omega, players can now exchange Emblems for any type of Marks.
    • They can only be converted one way – From Emblems to Marks.
    • You can do this at the USS TKumbra or the IKS Jorn.
  • Anomalies scanned in Sector maps, such as B'Tran Nebula, should now yield all kinds of data, not just tech.
  • A new skin is available for all Klingon ships!
  • The Drozana station in the Neutral Zone has a brand new look!
  • Leaving the Boreth system no longer takes you to Rura Penthe in Sector Space.
  • The Luna ship class now displays decals, names, and IDs correctly.
  • The Cochrane stanchions for the Intrepid ship class now have more than one material available.
  • Fleet Escorts and Advanced Escorts no longer have the wrong class shown in the Ship Selector.
  • General improvements have been made to game stability and performance.
  • Several “windowed mode” crashes were fixed related to adjusting the size of your window while contacts screens were being generated.
  • The star chart trophy should be available as a floor trophy to any player that has completed all of the Breen weekly episodes. This is now a permanent additional reward for completing the story arc.
  • The trophy for taking first place in the Undine fleet action is now in. It should be retroactive for anyone that has taken first place in it since it’s gone live.
  • Akira Ship Updates
    • Changed Saucer Impulse Engines to wrap around angle.
    • Fixed texture streching on nacelles.
    • Changed Phaser strip textures and made them less raised.

Skills and Abilities
  • Skill Tree:
    • Shield strength improvement has been added to the Captain skills. The percentage improvement to shields equals the percentage improvement to hull.
    • Improved related captain skill contribution from 25% to 50%.
      • Improved maximum bonus to hull and shield strength from captain skills to 30% with all related captain skills maxed out.
  • Reverse Shield Polarity: Changed to a Category 8 ability (1:6 duration to global, 1:12 duration to recharge). Duration of ability based on version (6, 8, 10 seconds for versions I, II, III respectively). 60 second global cooldown, 120 second recharge.
  • Carrier Play:
    • Improved predictability of launched ships.
      • Attack ships require an enemy targeted within 15k to launch. The launched ships will attack the target until destroyed. Once destroyed, they will either attack the enemy the carrier currently has targeted, or return to the carrier and land.
      • Support ships require the carrier or an ally within 15k targeted to launch. The launched ships will follow their target and support. If supporting an allied ship that is destroyed, the support ships will return and support their carrier.
    • Each hangar can now support multiple 'waves' of deployed ships:
      • Klingon fighters: These ships can be launched 3 at a time every 30 seconds to a max of 12 active fighters per launch bay.
      • Klingon Bird of Prey: These ships can be launched 1 at a time every 45 seconds to max of 3 active birds of prey per launch bay.
      • Klingon Shield Drones: Drones can be launched 2 at a time every 45 seconds and each bay can support 6 active shield drones. These drones are now self or friendly targetable.
      • Klingon Syphons: Syphons can be launched 3 at a time every 45 seconds, and each bay can support 9 syphons.
      • Fek’Ihri Fighters: These ships can be launched 4 at a time every 30 seconds to a max of 12 active fighters per launch bay.
      • Fek’Ihri Frigate: These ships can be launched 1 at a time every 45 seconds to max of 3 active frigates per launch bay.
    • Each attack ship has had their performance improved, either by raw damage, improved abilities, speed, or better AI logic.
    • While we’re certain you will all find your own effective strategies for these new carrier pets, here are a few that we found useful during test.
      • Set up your carrier with all turrets, rapid fire and scatter shot officer powers, and all fighters in both bays. In this configuration you are a pure support ship for your fighters. Once you manage to get your fleet to a significant size you will be a force to be reckoned with.
      • Equip your carrier with birds of prey and shield drones. Send out your birds of prey with shield drones assigned to them. Your ships will last much longer and give you and your teammates more time to clear your foes.
      • We’ve found in PvE environments, a carrier captain could spend an entire encounter doing nothing but supporting it’s deployed ships, allowing them to do almost all of the damage, and be successful.
      • In PvP the carrier can quite potent as a support ship attacking secondary targets or focus firing their ships on the team’s primary target. Contrary to current PvP strategies, the carrier is now less useful in its old role as bait to draw other players into a cloak ambush. The carrier can now be an offensive and support force, but it needs time to build up its fleet, and to do that it needs to be alive.
    • Launching ships from a Carrier no longer puts your target into combat.
  • Nebula Details:
    • 3 Fore, 3 Aft weapon slots
    • 5 Bridge Officer Slots
      • Lieutenant Tactical, Lt. Commander Engineering, Commander Science, Ensign Science, and Lieutenant Universal
    • 8 Console Mod slots
      • 2 Tactical, 3 Engineering, and 3 Science
    • Subsystem Targeting standard
    • Tachyon Detection Grid power (Tier 5 only)
      • Tachyon Detection Grid is a power that increases Starship Sensors as well as Stealth Detection. When the grid is active, it also increases the Starship Sensors and Stealth Detection of all nearby allies. Those allies, in turn, can extend those benefits for allies near them, thereby extending the overall size of the grid. It also looks really cool when activated in a group of friendlies.
    • The Tier 3 Nebula is now at the Ship Requisitions vendor for the same price as the Tier 3 Excelsior.
    • The Tier 5 version of the Nebula will be available in the C-Store soon, and can also be purchased for 200 Marks of Exploration at Ship Requisitions.

  • The Needs of the Many: This mission will no longer break if the player’s inventory is full.
  • Forging Bonds: Cardassian ships properly warp in at the end.
  • The Cure: There is now a mini-map.
  • Assimilation: The “Destroy Research Stations” objective has been changed to “Examine Research Consoles”. This is a text fix only, the functionality has not changed.
  • “Multicellular” is no longer misspelled when patrolling the Aihai system.
  • The ground portion of Saturday’s Child no longer has “Rom” in the map name.
  • The Other Side now directs the player to turn in the mission once it is complete.
  • Several typos of the name “Minos Korva” have been corrected.
  • A crafting tutorial has been added to Memory Alpha. The mission is now available from Commander Romaine after finishing the mission, Scientific Mandate. This mission cannot be shared.
  • Deep Space Patrols are now properly categorized in the Mission Journal.
  • A waypoint now directs players back to the General R&D station in the mission Research and Development.

  • Fixed a typo in the Kalesta System in the System List.
  • Klingon skins now randomize properly in the Ship Editor.
  • Names for certain Fleet settings have been improved. They should now be more intuitive.
  • If a player has a long name with several words, it will no longer always cut off immediately after the first word in the Team UI.
  • The text that appears for Weekly Episodes has been improved in both font and texture quality.
  • The cost for renaming your character once again displays correctly for Federation characters.
  • The Klingon icon now displays correctly in the Rename Character UI.
  • The Title dropdown selection now properly shows the change when selecting a new title.
  • Klingon shield bars now display correctly.
  • Klingon ship icons no longer have a white box in the Qo’noS ship vendor.
  • There is no longer a blank option in certain vendors.
  • Item names once again reflect the color of their rarity.
  • You no longer need to click Cancel / OK a second time on the purchase confirmation window.
  • Bridge Officer Candidates once again show tooltips when hovering the mouse cursor over them.
  • The Ship Damage repair window no longer displays as “Medical Bay.”
  • Stacks of items / currencies in the Trade window now properly display the number in the stack.

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