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# 1 Skill Selection
10-15-2010, 09:50 AM
Hello, just have some questions about training up both myself and my officers. First and right away, I am not looking for copy and paste Builds. I want to carefully craft my own abilities but could use a little heads up on what to expect further down the road to avoid gimping myself from the start. I'm sure this has all been covered who knows how many times before but I haven't found it yet. Thanks in advance for any help.

The overall big question would be if I eventually will earn enough training points to cover all bases and it's a matter of when I have what. Or do I have something more like half my options selected when I run out of further points?

At Lieutenant 7, I have mostly, but not entirely, focused on being ready for space combat so far but when will it become more important to shift my skills into other areas?

I am a Science Officer. Do I want to focus hard on Science skills? Kind of sounds like a no-brainer but can't say that I am sure because being really good at using scanners won't help much if I'm blown up at the moment. Is this a soloing versus grouping kind of thing? And it almost seems like that's what my Science BO is there for anyway.

Thanks again.
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10-15-2010, 09:57 AM
You can cover all your bases, but you will not be able to bring every skill to level 9, nor every skill that you want to level 9. Generally it is accepted that your Lieutenant skills should only be brought to around level 5 (except for the Starfleet Training Skills).

You want to focus your skills based on your abilities. At the top of the skill screen is a filter with a list of all you and your bridge officers' abilities. Clicking on one will cause a yellow box to go around the skills that affect that ability. These are the skills you want to boost.

What I suggest you do is as you level up to try your best to make your skills perfect, but don't worry too much about it. When you reach Vice Admiral you can then fine tune them. At each rank you get a free respec token, which you should save. When you are at Vice Admiral you'll have 5 or 6. These will let you change your skills around. Each time you do you'll use a token.
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10-15-2010, 11:03 AM
I usually recommend playing around with your abilities and finding ones you like and then acquiring the skills that improve those abilities. You get a free respec every time you graduate to the the next rank so you have plenty of chances to try out skills and see which are fun for you.

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