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10-15-2010, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by ClingingMars View Post
your interview with Mapolis is one of my favorite dev interviews ever. And I don't mind some nice background music! Keep up the good work and experimenting on that background music!
Originally Posted by Startruck
The Mapopolis interview was fantastic, the sheer volume of information, and the way you had him run you through the creation of a mission pretty much answered all the lingering questions I had.
Mapopolis should be thanked as well for hanging out and doing such a solid patient job of explaining things.

The Dsthal Interview was pretty much the same as most of his latest, I liked hearing that territory control was on the table, it seems that he really gets that between UCG and PVP territory the endgame is going to be very player controlled, something that is hard to pull off but when done right creates a lot of free time for devs to add in and tweak the game.

Music wise it was for sure way too loud and distracting, I wouldn't remove it entirely.
100% Agree! Mapolis gave TONS of great information in a great manner and we were very happy to have him on, and hearing about PvP Territory, UGC etc from Dan was awesome as well! Erroch did a great job with these
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10-15-2010, 07:57 PM
I will have to give that a listen. I am not normally a big podcast listener, but after listening to the STOked interview with DStahl, I am definately going to listen to all that come out (STOked, Subspace, et al), as they answer so many questions that might be missed on the forums.

I agree with people who say that the game was rushed into release too early, but I think one of the things that will keep people subscribed and for this game to reach its full potential is the fantastic lines of communication between players and developers.

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