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10-16-2010, 05:54 PM
Hi everybody!

I am going to give a review of what I thought of the new Weekly with as few spoilers as possible. There are, believe it or not, some folks who haven't played it yet!

Well, get to Eta Eridani and play it because it's awesome!

Perfect for Halloween, but I'll get to that.

(OK,so maybe some spoilers below-read at own risk)

First off, you get a seeminlgly routine hail from spooky Franklin Drake whilst you cruise around Drozana. He wants you to keep an open channel about some sort of slugfest involving the True Way and the Klinks. Being that the Cardassians are out of their stomping grounds befuddles even the James Bond of the 25th century. From there on you are ordered to intervene in said turf war...and then things get interesting...

(OK- LOTS of spoilers below)

OK, first off, I would love to commend Cryptic on yet another brilliant story arc. Give this writer a promotion!! This weekly has everything. Mystery, space fights, ground battles, problem solving and yes, horror. Many movies are given a nod to especially Ghostbusters, Dawn of the Dead and Roger Corman's classic Night of the Comet. It could have had a bit of Escape From New York, but I'll get to that.

The beginning space battle was a bit laggy for me but the Boss ship is as challenging as the ISS Molly. Fight it last. It will Pwn you. You need to slice though klinks and True Way and Jem Hadar cannon fodder before you get to the boss. He will try to step in during your fight with the pawns, especially if you go for the True Way forces first. You will have some Feddy friends, but they quickly turn into polarized lunch for the bad guys.

Disable the Boss and then the journey into mystery begins.

One of the things I really would have changed for this episode would be the point of contact with Drake. If he hailed you and asked you to meet him at Drozana for some "drinks" and briefed you on what you need to do, the already tense situation of the mission would have been that more intense by meeting Drake this way. Much like the beginning of say, Apocalypse Now or Escape From New York, you would experience that Hitchcockian lull in suspense to help build-up the real horror. "It's OK here. We are not behind the wall-yet. Here's the situation. Have another Romulan..."

Another thing I would have added was the loot. There were really no crates or environmental addivites to check that I found to help add to the sleuthing your characters must do when abord the ill-fated Cardassian Flagship. That stuff really helps add to roleplayers' experiences.

OK, so I nitpick. But seriously, aside from the lag, the intro and the lack of searchables (outside of the story that is) I must give this Weekly a Triple A rating. Great stuff. Oh yeah, and as for the Ghostbusters, Night of the Comet and Dawn of the Dead references, well, you are just gonna have to play it to see what I obviously mean.

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