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# 1 Having to make a choise....
10-17-2010, 02:19 AM
Since this patch i've found on more then one occasion that i had to make a choise of getting that loot or keep on going so i can keep my fighter swarm up without having to start all over again.

So a mission that would potentially take ~20 minutes with any other non carrier ship suddenly ends up taking ~10 minutes longer with a carrier (and especially the Vo'Quv) if i all of the sudden decide to start looting aswell because my fighters despawn themselves.

I don't mind having to make choices, but this particular choice i feel is slightly unfair because only carrier pilots has to make it.

The Kar'Fi *might* be agile and fast enough to pop a EM and circle around for it and still be out of range for the "docking mechanism", but the Vo'Quv certainly is not.

I've said it a few times on tribble board and i say it again (tho i don't expect any rep from cryptic to listen now either)

Stop making the fighters dock the second we exit combat, or cut the cooldown on the fighters in half.

Alternatively make all items left behind when we exit the map pop up in a window in sector space so we can loot them there if we want anything, this would probably be the preferred option here.

Tho a cooldown reduction on the fighters wouldn't hurt either as no other ship type has to wait up to 4 minutes to reach it's full potential.

4 minutes is an eternity in this game, especially in pvp where most ppl won't survive even half that time.

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