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Was just thinking a little about Memory Alpha and thought I'd post an idea.

As it stands now, MA seems like a center for technical research. But my impression of the original concept was that it was a storehouse or library for all sorts of cultural information as well. With that in mind, I was considering ways of incorporating that aspect somehow in gameplay.

All of this is idle speculation of course without two moves: (1) Revamping exploration in ways that incorporate a bigger role for cultural contact or investigation. I've seen some mention of such a revisioning in the forums, but haven't done my homework to understand more. (2) Some ability to involve MA in UGC.

So I've got three basic ideas for how to bring out the cultural side of MA.

(A) I'm always curious to learn about other people's chracters and the speicies they create. There could be a database at MA into which players could enter details about the civilizations they've made. This could also be a resource for UGC.

(B) Exploration missions (either official or UGC-based) could involve the collection of data that has to be returned to MA. For instance, the mission in the DV cluster where you get information about the D'Arsay from tombs. There could be additional missions that involve other sorts of encounters with D'Arsay artifacts. Rather than getting a single, neat reveal after every mission, there would be a bigger mystery at play. Once you get enough specific material and bring it to MA, you could even unlock the ability craft some new device or gain access to a special mission. The model for this might be the Breen missions.

(C) There could be a holodeck at MA that allowed players to visit simulations of different cultures, perhaps even at different times. I'm guessing that once UGC hits, people will be generating the homeworlds of their created speicies. But you could also visit those worlds virtually at MA. And you could go back and see historical events in other cultures. There might also be particular missions that involve entering such a holodeck and playing the role of a member of a different speicies in order to test differnt social situations or conditions.

I think there's room to expand MA as a scientific (as opposed to a purelty technological) center as well, but my ideas there are even more rough than the ones above, so I'll save them for later.

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