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10-17-2010, 12:53 PM
First its a bad game. Just total trash.
Well there are aspects of the game that are bad.
- Boring missions
- Bugged missions
- Unbalanced PVP (both space and ground but for different reasons)
- No endgame
- Not enough PVE content for klingons

But its not trash.

Whos wants to spend time working on a raid in a worthless game? I dont.
Neither do I. There is deffinately room for improvement.

Pvp is fun for 5 mins. Then its the same ole same ole. Nerf nerf nerf buff buff buff then you release a ship we have to buy,and buff the hell out of it. Has anyone making this game played kling vs fed pvp? i dont think so. I bet they have fun in fed vs fed pvp lol.
PVP is often an absoloute steaming pile of dog droppings, but some times its pretty damn awsome as well and as much as I slag pvp off as unbalanced, and I do it a lot, pvp is the ONLY thing keeping me playing.

OMG the weekly quests lmao. Did crypic let monkeys program the missions.. Who the hell wantsa mission that you can fail????? lol. what a bad idea lol... If the game was halfway good then sure you can pull something like that.... Cryptic its not fun to pretend like we are loading a hypospray. stupid.
Weekly quests? do you mean the series they run? I think they're ggrrrreeeeatttttt. (To quote a stripy friend). And yes, I do like missions that you can fail, its a shame you can simply repeat, id much rather there were multiple plot lines with success and failure creating a far more interesting storyline. Different rewards for different paths (so we dont get cookie cutter characters) etc etc... So, missions you can fail at the moment, stupid waste of time, but potentially great.

Ships and ranking lmao.... whats the next rank "super duper vice admiral 1" You people blew yourchance on that.
Why cant i use a akira at t5???? OOO yea because you killed the game. Just ruined it. I WANT ALL MY SHIPS AT T5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They need an end game, so you have emblems. Sadly its a pathetic way to keep people playing but its one thats found all the mmo's i've played. In regards to having to buy new ships from C Store. Interesting idea but wholly unfair if any new ships give abailities unavalable to those who cant afford to spend more money on the game, or just plain dont want to be charged twice to play a game. It's going to be the future of MMO's however, and a good money making idea.

How come i cant go into a low lvl fleet action and kill stuff like crazy???? You guys dont have the know how to not give high lvl people the awards??? so you just stop us from doing it??????? idiots

How about that pvp gear that you can only get from lvl 41-46?? k7 thats the best gear in the game , your crappy badges( lol best idea for a name huh badges") Im going to do 100 dailys and get some 4000 max resiliant shields arrays lol bull crap....... Does anyone use anything besides covariant?????
As long as its not to advanced and creates an inbalance in the game I think thats exactly what they should do.

Who the hell needs energy credits???????????????????? LMAO
People who want to buy things.... sheesh, was that one not stupidly obvious?

Hey Devs answer this............. Whats the points to the game???? What do you do in the game???
The point is to have fun. And in game I inform everyone of how OP klingons are whilst im waiting to respawn.

Im still paying because im hoping for the best
It is getting better. It just happens slowly and along the way they will do things that make it worse - like giving carriers more ships. More op klingyness that now clutters up my screen and causes lag. Yay.

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